08th MS Team project 2020

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After a 2019 of mixed builds, I decided to start another thematic build for 2020. This time it’s the 08th MS Team, which is still one of my favorite Gundam OVAs to this day. I already built several kits from the series: GM Sniper, GM Ground type, orange Ball, and GM head, plus a couple of HCM-Pro models.

So the plan is to build the rest of the mobile suits in their approximate order of appearance in the anime. I’ve chosen the following kits:

1. High mobility prototype Zaku

This is the P-Bandai kit, and it’s already been snap-fitted and tucked somewhere underneath my bed. The plan is a straight build with the original color scheme intact.

2. Gundam Ground Type

Another P-Bandai kit, this one is the RG-79[G] Parachute set. I’m gonna add some extra details for this one, and a little bit of kitbashing, maybe.

3. Topp Squad: Zaku I, Zaku II x2

These might be the most challenging builds of this project. The Topp squad consists of a Zaku I and a pair of Zaku IIs. The Zaku IIs have various levels of battle damage, so we’ll see how well I can recreate them. I’m going to use the newer Origin Zaku kits for these builds.

4. Acguy

Appeared only for a short scene in the anime, but still left quite an impact. The one that appeared in the anime had no right arm, so I’m recreating that one.

5. Mass Production Guntank

There’s no kit of this poor grunt unit. But I do have a resin conversion kit I bought from the C3 market. Haven’t decided on the color scheme, though.

6. Gouf Custom

I already used the some parts of this kit for the Efreet Schneid build. I’ll compensate for the missing parts using old leftover bits or any new parts I can find from Yellow Submarine.

7. Ez8

This will be a kitbash of Build Divers Ez-SR and HGUC Ez8 parts. There’s going to be a lot of customization in this one, but I’ll stick to the original color scheme.

8. GM Ground Type

I already built one of these, but it’s based on the older HGUC RX-79[G] kit. So this build will the using the latest HGUC GM Ground Type kit.

9. GM Sniper

Another rebuild using the latest HGUC kit. Maybe I’ll add a new sniper rifle…

10. Gouf Flight Type

These guys were sadly sniper fodder in the anime. But it did get some extra airtime in a recent animated short. I had been planning on kitbashing the old HG Flight type kit with the HGUC Gouf Custom, but that plan was shelved after the P-Bandai kit was released. This will be another straight build with custom colors, maybe.

So that’s my current plan. This project will involve 12 builds in total, so we’ll see if I can finish all of them. Instead of completing one kit at a time, I’m planning to assemble & modify as many kits as I can manage during winter, and then move on to painting & weathering when it gets warmer. So expect mostly work in progress posts in the first half of 2020.

Little Armory M4A1 2.0

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Little Armory M4A1 2.0

The first Little Armory kit was the M4A1, and now some years later, they released a version 2.0. It comes with a slightly different set of accessories: forward grip with bipod, new optics, iron sights, rail covers, carrying handle, laser module.
Gone are the night vision goggles from the first version. I decided to customize it using spare parts I had lying around. I used the extended buttstock from the Mk.18 mod 0, and the forward grip, laser module and controller from the SOPMOD Block 2.
The color scheme is inspired by the rugged-looking M4A1s used in desert warfare. The base layer is Gaianotes Grey Brown, then I airbrushed lines using IJN green and olive drab over a metal mesh, similar to what I did for the P90 TR.
The magazine is neutral gray, with some paint chipping effects added using enamel silver.

On the surface level, there’s nothing much between the first version and this current 2.0 version, other than the accessories.

And here’s all the Little Armory M4 carbine variants I have so far:

Finally some close ups and poses:

Final word:
If I’m not mistaken, there’s 5 Little Armory M4 carbine variants (the watergun doesn’t count) released so far. The main reason I bought this one was to experiment on the desert camo paint job, and to customize it using lefotver parts.
The paintjob is not perfect, but it was fun customizing the M4A1.

Overall, I’m hard pressed to find any significant differences or improvements over the first M4A1 version. I guess it comes down to the choice of accessories. The boxart is quite nice though.

Little Armory MP5K

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Little Armory MP5K briefcase gun

This is the third MP5 variant, and it’s the briefcase gun. More specifically, it’s the MP5K, the short version of the MP5. The kit includes one briefcase with a fully functional hinge, and the MP5K comes with a spare magazine.

The MP5K was painted in black and german grey, with the fire indicators directly painted using enamel red and white paints. With the short barrel and lack of buttstock, the MP5K is one of the smallest Little Armory kit that I have.

Here’s a comparison with previous versions of the MP5:

Closeups and poses:

Final word:
I think that this might be my favourite MP5 variant so far. Not a big fan of the briefcase, but the MP5K by itself just looks really nice. I actually bought two of them, just for those dual-wielding poses.
Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this kit, I only wish they included two MP5Ks in a single kit instead of the briefcase. The boxart is also a bit underwhelming, though.

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