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So I’ve been at this hobby for more than 10 years (god I feel old), so naturally my Gunpla collection and photos keep stacking up. I’ve been using this free WordPress blog to post most of those pics (and more), but recently I got a notice that I’m close to my free 3gb storage limit.
Since I’m not generating any income from this hobby or site, I can’t justify upgrading to a paid subscription. I’d rather spend the money on more plastic robots.
So as a consequence, I’m going to trim some contents from this blog; mostly old stuff that I’m not too proud of. I’ve narrowed them down to these, but I’ll probably add more to the list:

  • HCM-Pro models (Ez8, RX-79G, Geara Doga, Sazabi, etc.)
  • HG Astray Red Frame
  • HGUC Zaku II
  • HG Zaku Warrior
  • 1/100 Heavyarms Custom
  • 1/100 Overflag
  • 1/100 Leo
  • MG RX-78 Coating ver.
  • MG Char’s Zaku II Coating ver.
  • MG RX-78 One Year War
  • MG RX-78 ver.Ka
  • MG Gundam Mk.II
  • MG Zeta Plus A1
  • MG Wing Zero Custom
  • MG Freedom

That seems like a long list, but fret not: I’m planning to build newer (or alternate) versions for some of those kits sometime soon. If you’d still like to view these old pics, let me know which ones so I can upload them somewhere else.
This post is a bit boring without any photos, so here’s the current state of my Gunpla shelf:

As you can see it’s getting very crowded in there. I should really think about what to do with them. Are there any buyers out there for these kind of painted kits?

08th MS Team project – Final report

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So with the Gouf Custom complete, I now have 13 builds for my 08th MS Team 2020 project. You can view each build from the Gallery page. Here’s all of them crammed into a single frame:

Of the 13, only 5 were EFSF mobile suits:

And the rest are Zeon mobile suits. Admittedly 5 of those are Zaku variants:

Throughout the project, I also built quite a number of extra weapons:

and accessories:

The Zeon weapons are not as diverse, though:

Overall, it was a pretty fun project. I managed to try out different weathering techniques and while there were many missteps along they way, I think all 13 kits turned out OK. There’s none that I would consider remaking.

Speaking of remakes, I’m now planning my next project around that theme. I haven’t decided anything yet, so in the meantime, I’ll make myself busy with the contents of these boxes:

Have a happy (and virus-free) new year!

HGUC Gouf Custom

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So this is the last build for my 08th MS Team project. I bought the HGUC Gouf Custom long ago and used it as spare parts for various kitbashing builds. To build a complete Gouf Custom, I combined leftover parts from the HGUC Gouf Flight Type and HG Gouf R35 kits.

Materials & methods:
You can find the work in progress here.
All parts were sprayed with Mecahnical Surfacer Super Heavy. Then I applied Mr Silicone Barrier to the edges of some parts for the paint chipping effect later. The paints used were as follows:
Light blue parts: Mr Color Air Superiority Blue + a bit of white
Dark blue parts: Mr Color Navy Blue + Air Superiority Blue
R35 jetpack: Gray FS36118
Weapons: Mr Metal Color Dark Iron, Gunmetal, Steel

After adding panel lines and decals, I scratched the surface of some parts to simulate paint chipping. After a spray of semi-gloss topcoat, I added some dirt smearing effects using Mr Weathering Color and finally topped it off with flat topcoat.


Action poses:

The HGUC Gouf Custom kit is a relatively old kit, approximately 10 years old at the time of writing. But it can hold its own against the more recent kits. The proportions look good, even without modifications.
I did several modifications to this kit, but they look quite subtle. The power cables on the head and chest now look slightly better, but it was quite a hassle to make.
I also accidentally broke one of the shoulder spikes that I carefully sharpened. Not wanting to redo it from scratch, I just disguised it as battle damage by adding extra scratches and dry brushing. I may have overcooked the paint chipping, particularly on the lower legs.
But overall, I’m pretty happy with the last entry for my 08th MS Team 2020 project.

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