MG Freedom 2.0 – Work in progress

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This will be just a short work-in-progress post, and mostly involves removing things, instead of adding details.

Starting with the head, I decided to trim the red chin part like so:

The white antenna parts were sharpened by cutting a little bit off the tip, attaching a small piece of plaplate, and very carefully filing it down until it looks like this:

On the shoulder armors, there’s a bit of an empty gap between the blue thruster. So I added some extra detail using Wave option parts:

My major complaint about this kit is the excess edgy parts. The most obvious is on the two wing cannons. I simply cut off the extra protrusion and covered the gap with 0.3mm plaplate. The tip of the cannon can extend out by a sliding motion. I decided to fix it in position with superglue, trim off the extra flaps, and fill the gaps with putty.

There’s a few extra edges on the cannon that I just cut off with my nipper and filed down with a file.

The same for the hip cannons:

That’s it for the mods. As for the color scheme, I decided to redo the custom color scheme on the first MG Freedom I did, with some minor changes.

RG Gundam Mk.II (Titans)

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The first MG Gundam Mk.II I built was the AEUG version that I painted to Titans colors. I had no problems with the build, but the photos I took at that time were not great. Due to lack of proper lighting, most of the details were obscured by shadows. The backdrop was also just crappy sheets of A4 paper.

Instead of rebuilding another MG Mk II, I decided to build the RG version for this Project Remake. I was thinking of doing just a straight build, but based on some review photos, the waist looks a bit short. So that needs some fixing…

Materials & methods:
To lengthen the abdomen, I started from the inner frame, or Advanced MS Joint. I made a cut where the pilot seat was, and added 2mm plaplate in between. I also added 1mm to the lower part that connects to the waist.

The outer armor also needed lengthening, so I added 1mm plaplate to the top and bottom parts of the abdomen armor.

So this is how it looked like before painting. In total, I added 3mm to the abdomen.

Like the RG Zaku II, I covered some panel lines using basic putty. I also replaced the mesh pipes on the knees and backpack with springs from Hi-Q parts. That’s about all the changes that were made.

The inner frame was painted with Mecha Surfacer Super Heavy and the outer armor with Gaianotes Grey Surfacer. After adding preshading on the outer armor, I painted the parts as follows:
Dark blue parts (torso, waist,feet): Mr Color Midnight Blue
Light blue parts (limbs, head): I used the color recipe from the MG kit:

Red & yellow parts: Gaianotes Premium Red; Mr Color Orange Yellow
Weapons: Gundam Color Titans Blue 2; Mr Color Navy Blue
After panel lining and adding decals, I added very slight weathering in the form of dry brushing using light blue enamel paint. After that it’s the final flat topcoat layer.

The RG Mk II inner frame has nice details on the legs:

And here it is fully armored:

This RG Mk.II kit feels rather solid, has nice details, and comes with some optional parts for the chest vents, shoulders, and leg vents. The only minor gripe I have is that the stand attachment has a square hole, which didn’t fit my Figma stand.
I’m pretty happy with the waist mod and the paint job. The pictures turned out better than the old MG photos I took ages ago. So overall, another mission accomplished.

Wing Zero EW ver. Ka

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The MG Wing Zero Custom was one of the earliest MG kits I built. Due to my lack of skills back then (both in gunpla & photography), the end result wasn’t something to be proud of.

But that build taught me two things: i) excess enamel thinners/paint can make plastic parts brittle; ii) decal stickers suck, especially on dark colored parts. So the latest MG Wing Zero ver Ka was the perfect opportunity for me to rebuild this iconic mobile suit from the Wing series. I had a color scheme in mind even before I bought the kit, namely the GFF Metal Composite Snow White Prelude colors.

Materials & methods:
No major mods for this build, just straight up custom painting. I only added a metal etched part from HiQ Parts on the chest for some extra detail. The paints used are listed below:
Inner frame: Gaianotes Gunmetal; Mr Metal Color Dark Iron; Mr Color Steel
Outer armor: Mr Color Cool White; Gaianotes Neutral Gray I & III; Pearl white
Yellow parts: Gaianotes Pearl Gold
Waist, feet: Cool white -> Pearl White -> Pearl white + Mr Color Dark Earth
Wings: Mr Color Cool White -> Moonstone Pearl

The kit comes with waterslide decals, which was nice. I finished it off with Semi-gloss topcoat.

First off, the inner frame and accessories. As you can see, only parts below the chest have inner frames. The twin buster rifles can be folded and tucked into the wings.

Some details shots with the armor and wings:

And finally some poses.

The objective of this build was to apply the Snow White Prelude colors on the MG kit. I had to refer the review photos and mask some parts to get as close as possible to the GFF version. Getting the champagne color on the waist and feet was challenging but overall, I’m quite pleased with the results.
Not everything went to plan though; I lost the cover for the shoulder gatling cannon somewhere in my room. I gave up searching for it and ordered the specific part from Bandai. I might document the whole process in a separate post, if anyone’s interested.
As for the MG Wing Zero ver. Ka, it doesn’t deviate significantly from the original design. But there’s additional details, gimmicks, and improvements that can only be appreciated by building one yourself. Aside from the weapons, the kit comes with a stand and waterslide decals. It can also transform into a bird mode, but I didn’t bother with it because it looks a bit lame.
Unlike my other MG kits that went straight to storage after completion (due to lack of space), I might just make an exception for this kit and display it properly, somewhere.

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