RX-78F00 Bust Model

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Before I left Japan, I completed several kits but I didn’t have the time to photograph them and write a blog post about it. This 1/48 scale bust model is one of them. It’s a model of the 1:1 scale gundam in Yokohama that I visited during Golden Week. I made minor modifications and applied a custom color scheme, detailed below:

Materials & methods:

The bust model only goes down until the waist, and the arms stop just above the elbows. The arms look amputated, so I decided to cut it all off and just leave the shoulder armor. The kit comes with a large base to attach the model to, but to save space, I used a smaller one from the Action Base 1 stand.

I’ve built quite a lot of RX-78 kits with various color schemes. One color scheme that I haven’t tried out was the Thunderbolt Gundam colors. So after priming, I used the following paints:

White parts: Gaianotes Neutral Gray I

Blue parts: Mr Color Navy Blue

Red parts: Mr Color Red Madder + a bit of black

What followed was just the standard steps: panel-lining, decals, flat topcoat.



The kit includes a yellow LED unit that you can insert inside the brain cavity. I didn’t have any batteries so I couldn’t photograph it with the LED lights on. There’s some clear parts for the shoulders which is a nice touch, and the proportions look good as well.

What I didn’t like about this kit was the truncated arms (which I removed), and the diagonal panel lines.

After the mods I did, this bust model looks more like a trophy now, and I’m quite happy with how it looks.

Sayounara Nippon

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As they say, all good things must come to an end. And so the time has come for me to say goodbye to Japan. Throughout my stay here, I’ve built plenty of Gunpla, been to several hobby shows, and visited a couple of life-sized Gundams. I do consider myself lucky to be in this situation and I’m grateful for it.

So what next for this blog? Well, it seems inevitable that my gunpla activities will slowly come to a halt and maybe die a natural death. But I still have a couple of completed kits that I haven’t photographed, plus a few unbuilt kits. So fear not, there’s still some contents left in this blog.

Rather than making this post just a wall of text, I’ll just leave this scenery that I’ll definitely miss:


MG Zaku II Wetland Type

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While googling for interesting paintjobs for the Zaku II, I came across the Robot Damashii Zaku II Wetland Type. I thought the color scheme looked interesting, so I decided to apply it to my MG Zaku II 2.0.

Materials & methods:
The only changes I made were to the shoulder spikes, which were replaced with MSG spikes. And I used some resin hands from B-Club.
I painted the inner frame with Nazca Super Heavy Surfacer, Mr Color Dark Gray 2, Dark Iron, Burnt Iron, and gold & starbright duralumin for the hydraulics.
For the Wetland Type camo pattern, I first sprayed sand brown and then used blu-tac to make a border for the camo shapes. Then I sprayed the next layer, Gundam Color MS Green, while carefully avoiding overlaps with the first brown layer. I repeated the same thing for the third layer: Gundam Color MS Deep Green. Here’s how it looked during painting:

I only used some red strips for the decals, and then added some weathering using Mr Weathering Color, and finally finished it off with flat topcoat.
I decided to repaint one of the bazookas from my MG Dom. It was already painted green, so I applied some pre-cut camo patterns and sprayed dark brown and sand brown paint over it.


The MG Zaku II 2.0 still stands as one of the best MG kits in my opinion, so I don’t have anything new to add about that. As for the paintjob, it was a little bit different from my typical camo painting technique, but I think it got the job done. Overall, a fun little build.

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