Char’s Zaku II (coating ver.)

February 27, 2008 at 14:09 | Posted in Master Grade | 1 Comment
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The infamous Red Comet. A super shiny one at that. Nothing much I can say about this one since it’s just a straight build. Due to the special coating I can’t do much with it either. No point buying this if I’m gonna glue, putty or sand it. So I left it as it is, no mods whatsoever. Looks neat already anyway.

The only thing I did was to apply the stickers and dry-transfer decals which came with the kit. And I painted the weapons too which included the standard zaku machine gun, bazooka, a Magella cannon, heat hawk and Sturm Faust grenades.

Overall, the posability of this kit is quite poor, but considering this is one of the older MG kits, it’s somewhat understandable. Another minus point for this is that the parts are not undergated. This means that when you cut the parts from the runner, you also have to trim off some of the coated parts. Despite the negative points, this kit still looks good. Let the bling-bling mesmerize you…



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  1. i need advertises above the latest version of zaku and gundam seed destiny from year 2006-2008.

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