Heavy-arms Custom

February 29, 2008 at 18:35 | Posted in 1/100 scale | 3 Comments
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I got this as a birthday gift several years ago and I snap fitted the parts and just left it on my desk collecting dust. Not satisfied with that, I endeavored into some ‘real’ modelling (covering seam lines, sanding, gluing, painting etc…). For this kit I decided to give it heavy weathering. This was my first attempt, mind you. I made bullet holes in the front skirt using my rusty hobby blade and made some scratches here and there.

I painted the yellow parts with gold-color gundam marker. I mixed my own colors to paint the chest , shoulder and skirt parts (blue + german grey). I didn’t paint the white parts, except for places with yellow residue from the plactic cement. For the gattling guns and leg missile pods I first painted with gunmetal + silver followed by smoke color from a Tamiya spray can. Some drybrushing was applied to the bullet holes and other parts. Finally I applied some stickers from my other model kits and a free sticker sheet from Newtype magazine.

My only complaints about this kit are the elbow joints which are made of polycap material. Gets loose very easily, especially with the heavy gatling guns. And the leg articulation is very poor. Other than that, this is one mean looking kit.

hvarms_01 hvarms_03


hvarms_04 hvarms_05




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  1. yep i had the same problems you mentioned. first time weathering? wow i’m shocked!

  2. Wow, I am shocked at your 1st attempt weathering. Looks almost like a pro to me.

    Nice to see your blog with the your gundam models. I’m recently collecting the Sangokuden SD gundam series but have yet to do some painting. Hope to learn some pointers from you

  3. I’m just getting into Gundam and your pictures here are inspiring me to do some weathering. Thanks! Great work!

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