Wing Zero Custom

February 29, 2008 at 19:41 | Posted in Master Grade | 1 Comment


This was one of the initial kits where I decided to go for a custom color scheme. I got some inspiration while I was flipping through my copy of Gundam Weapons (featuring Gundam Wing models). Nothing substantial though, just enough to make my kit look “custom” while still keeping the Wing Zero feel.

Materials & Methods

Small parts like the shoulder, chest and feet were handpainted with their respective colors. The rest of the body was sprayed with white spray can. For the wing, I sprayed pearl-white spray paint on it. For the twin buster rifle I sprayed one with pearl color and the other with smoke. Kinda like the Ebony and Ivory guns from Devil May Cry. And finally, I applied some of the stock stickers that came with the kit.



Some problems I encountered: many parts became brittle and broke off easily,  such as the hands and the backpack-wing connector. I suspect the Mr Color paints thinned with Mr Thinner compromised the integrity of the plastic parts that were connected to other parts. I based this suspicion on the fact that the affected parts were mostly pegs or joints. Anyway, I glued the cracked parts back, but as a result, movement was limited.

As for the kit, the feathered wing gimmick was nice and articulation is good. However, mine was a little difficult to pose, mainly because it didn’t fit properly in the stand and the wing sockets got loose. Also the sticker type decals that I used looked very unnatural, especially on the darker surfaces. That was probably the last time I used sticker decals. Overall, I’m not too satisfied with the end result, but I think of it as one of those learning curves.


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  1. ah white beam gun! its what im also doing right now… im doing a Japanese Zero Fighter plane color scheme on my Wing Zero… not the green variant but the white zero variant of WWII…
    mine is just HG, my first gunpla project practice run :)

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