Zeta Plus A1

March 1, 2008 at 14:36 | Posted in Master Grade | 1 Comment
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This was actually the 1st MG kit that I bought. At that time I wasn’t so well-versed in all things Gundam yet; I bought it because it looked cool & was transformable. It was just snap-fitted and was left sitting on my shelf for a couple of years. Then one day I decided to paint & try out some other modeling-stuff on this kit.

Materials & Methods:

This was basically an experiment on detailing. I glued some slices of plaplate on the chest, drilled additional holes on the forearms & hip guns, and drew some additional panel lines on the knees. I also added some details on the forehead sensor using some sliced plastic tubes and also attached a metal pin on “nose” when it’s in waverider mode. I broke the V-fin antennae in the process, but thankfully the kit came with a spare one.

As for the color scheme, I tried to replicate the Hummingbird colors from the Gundam Sentinel series, using whatever colors I have available in a spray can. For the brown parts, I used sand color spray and orange spray can for the orange parts. Then I sprayed a layer of smoke on top of that to give it an overall darker color.  Panel lining was done using black acrylic wash (still couldn’t find some enamel paints at that time). For the decals, I used the dry-transfer & regular stickers that came with the kit.



Given that this was my first real attempt at Gunpla-ing (aside from snap-fitting), there were a few difficulties that were encountered. Painting wasn’t as smooth as I wanted; the paint came out in sputters, resulting in fine spots instead of a uniform layer. But after spraying multiple layers, it wasn’t that obvious anymore. And then the dry-transfer decals didn’t really came off too nicely, probably because it got brittle after being left for too long.

Regarding the kit itself, articulation around the waist & shoulders is pretty limited. But that’s fine since it’s a fully transformable kit. Aesthetically, it looks very good in either mobile suit (MS) or wave-rider mode. This is in my opinion, one of the best designs among the transformable MS or even among the Zeta lineup.

Initially, I started this project to kill time while doing my HGUC Zaku II, but I ended up finishing this one faster (3x faster???) than the Zaku. Overall, I can’t say I’m too pleased with the final result, but it served as a good lesson for my future Gunpla projects.


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  1. looks great… is this zeta similar to the zeta version 2.0??? i noticed many MG zeta versions cant decide what to buy…
    Do you pre-shade your kits along the panel lines??? im in my experimental stage with gunplas and still learning stuffs…
    Do you deal with the seam lines or just let them be… no gluing???

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