RX-78-2 (One Year War ver.)

March 3, 2008 at 17:43 | Posted in Master Grade | 4 Comments
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This kit was released in conjunction with the release of the PS2 game One Year War. There were other MG releases with the same label (Gouf, Zaku II, Dom) but those were just recolors of the original. This RX-78-2 OYW version is an improvement over the previous incarnation (ver 1.5). I was compelled to paint this kit in other colors instead of the standard red-white-blue-yellow colors. After browsing the web and magazines for inspiration, I decided to go for a psuedo-Full Armor gundam color scheme.

Materials & methods:

The kit was built according to the manual. Some detail parts were added on the shoulders, knees, chest and groin areas using leftover bits of this kit. Also I removed the yellow cross-star thing on the shield and filled the gap with putty.

For painting, I used olive drab spray can (Tamiya). The thigh, upper arm and lower torso were sprayed with light gull gray while the chest, hip and knee areas were sprayed with german grey; both using Mr Color spray cans.

No heavy weathering was intended but I inadvertently applied some sort of dirty look when I cleaned up the excess brown color for the panel lining. Decals were mix-and-match from dry transfer and various water-slide decals.








It was a fun build, especially when applying the detail parts and decals, but I should’ve done better with the shield. Great articulation, especially the 5 movable fingers. The weapons included a beam rifle, bazooka and spiky ball & chain (named Gundam hammer). Also pictured above is a 1/6 scale carbine meant for military models. It seems to fit the 1/100 scale nicely.

There has been several subsequent releases of the MG RX-78-2 Gundam (ver 2.0, ver 3.0) but to me this OYW version ranks as one of the best versions out there.



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  1. wait a second… double bazooka? and where did that rifle come from? I’m working on this kit right now myself actually. I like what you’ve done!

  2. light gull gray was used on gray parts as you said

    so I was wondering what you used for the upper arm, thighs etc
    the white parts are they still white? because it looks to me as if they are bage or a different color

    • im sorry, its actually light gull gray for the upper arm and thighs and for the chest, hips and knee areas i used german gray spray can.
      thanks for pointing it out!

  3. really awesome wip of that Gundam it’s more like of a Real Type color ver. I really like how you panel line those in brown colors :D

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