New stuff I bought

May 12, 2008 at 13:01 | Posted in Random rants | 1 Comment

It’s been a while since my last gunpla activity, and my hands were itching for some action. I ended up with two new MG kits: Gelgoog Mass Production Ver2.0 and Zaku Minelayer

I got the Gelgoog for 3780 yen and then a couple of days later I bought the Zaku at Toys R Us for 3500 yen. And I got a free 1/100 scale bazooka:

Since I left all my gunpla tools and paints back home, I had to buy the basic tools (nipper, file, blade,sandpaper) again. Since I don’t plan to fully paint these kits, I decided to to some weathering effects. And so i bought some enamel paints along with thinners, paintbrush and the Tamiya  Weathering Master pastels.  And I promised myself that’ll be the last of my spending. But the new 1/100 Overflag looks nice though…


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  1. haha, yep it’s hard not to buy the things we love! :)
    looking forward to photos of your weathering application on this kits…

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