This is MADNESSSS!!!!!111

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Okay, so I was on the way home from the summer festival (that’s another story) and stopped by Sumiya (kinda like a deparment store) to buy a roll of Tamiya masking tape. Normally the gunpla there is kinda expensive, but at one corner they had a stack of MSIA and HCM-Pro stuff on sale. The HCM-Pro models were selling at 1000yen each so I grabbed 4 boxes: Ez-8, Gundam Ground Type, Zaku II and Geara Doga. I thought that was the end of my Gunpla spending for the month, but it doesn’t end there…

The next day I went to another department store to buy some stuff when lo and behold, my most coveted item, the HCM-Pro Sazabi Special Painted version was on display on the shelves. It cost  around 3800yen but still cheaper than the online prices I saw. It didn’t take take me long to contemplate buying it. In fact, I’m not sure I was even thinking when I made my way to the cashier.

And so ladies and gentlemen, those were the events that conspired to deplete me of my Gunpla budget for the next 2 months. I’ll leave you with the picture of my HCM-Pro shopping spree. They’ll most likely stay inside their boxes until I finish off my Gelgoog (95% complete) and Zaku minelayer (inner frame complete).

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