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September 22, 2008 at 14:31 | Posted in Random rants | 2 Comments
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So I went to Tokyo a couple of weeks back to meet some friends, and I took some time off to visit Akihabara, the so-called otaku heaven. I didn’t manage to spend too much time there actually, I had a train to catch. I just wandered around the station but it didn’t take long for me to stumble upon a model/figure shop.

Aside from the standard gunpla stuff, they had a lot of limited/rare models but were too pricey for me. There were some B-club resin conversion parts as well. I ended up buying these somewhat rare kits from the Turn-A gundam series : Mobile Kapool and Mobile Sumo, both 1/144 scale. The sumo cost around 300yen while the Kapool surprisingly cost around 800yen. I also bought some B-club resin hands for 980yen.

There’s also plenty of other stuff at the shop, from SRW, godzilla, ultraman to some hot figures. Bought some gachapons selling at a bargain price (100yen each) and that bought my total spending to around 2000+yen. I would have ventured to find other gunpla-related shops, but unfortunately time wasn’t on my side. But I’ll be looking forward for my next visit there…



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  1. Nice haul buddy, the Kapool is a nice model kit, I am looking forward you to built it.

  2. Hi, I am looking for 1960’s robot model kits (Japan).Just want to remind you if you have any of these kits you are interested in selling, or can locate them from other collectors, I will try to pay top price.(I know they can be pricey)
    The kits I am looking for are from old Japan companies like Midori and Imai.Some kits are Manmos King, Samson, Animal Boy, Space Patrol Robot.(not Gundam or Superheroes but classic robot styles.)You can always email me any pics of any examples for sale.
    Thanks Very Much
    Have a Good Day

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