Zaku Minelayer

September 28, 2008 at 21:54 | Posted in Master Grade | 3 Comments
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The 2nd MG I bought since arriving in Japan. After seeing all those tempting photos of the MG Zaku Ver 2.0 in hobby magazines, I knew I had to get one. But instead of getting the plain MS-06J/F types, I opted for the minelayer version. Part of the reason was the minelayer backpack could be fitted on the MG Gelgoog as well, and as an added bonus, I got a free bazooka when I bought it from Toys R’ Us.

Materials & Methods:

Like the MG Gelgoog, this was a straight build with no modifications other than the weathering effects. This time though, I decided to paint the whole kit. I bought some spray cans with different shades of green and hand painted some white parts on the head. Painting the minelayer backpack was more of a hassle because it required a lot of masking to separate the dark green and steel colored parts. Battle damage was carved out using my penknife, painted with silver and finally added a dab of black weathering pastel (Tamiya) around the damaged area. Weathering and panel lining was done using flat brown+black enamel wash.


Here’s some pics of the inner frame for starters…

And now for the main course…


Unfortunately I found some parts became brittle and some even cracked after I applied the enamel wash. I’m not sure of the exact reason for this because I used the same method on the Gelgoog and no cracks appeared. Other than that I had no major problems with this kit and quite pleased with the results. Thanks to Mr Mark Setter, the waterslide decals I used came off nicely, with minimal silvering effects. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll buy another Zaku II (or it’s 195734848729 variants) in the future.

Supplementary Figures:

And finally here’s some extra pics I took for fun…

(Yes, I know I’ve been watching too many samurai movies lately)


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  1. Wow! Very violence chopping head scene. No doubt both Zaku & Gelgoog is a great MG. Nice job buddy.

  2. Wow. Nice weathering on this Zaku Minelayer. Solid stuffs. Care to trade our blogs links?

    Check out my blog too and nice to meet u. Your work is great :) I’m a fellow ZeroG member too. Nick is Scar

    Hope to hear from you soon

  3. Your Minelayer puts mine to shame. Great choice of colours!

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