How to add wingtip strobelight details

January 4, 2009 at 00:01 | Posted in How-to | 3 Comments
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This is just a simple tip to add details to winged parts. Although there’s not too many gunpla kits with proper wings (Wing Zero Custom wings don’t count), you can apply this to other aircraft plamodels. It basically simulates the wingtip strobe lights you find on aircraft wings.

First you need parts that will be the ‘lights’. I used leftover spruce from beam sabre parts, like the pic below. The reason why I use them is because they’re soft, meaning they’ll be easier to cut and shape. Another reason is they already come in different colors, depending on the beam sabre color of the original kit. So far I’ve encountered pink, blue, green and yellow colored beam sabre parts. If you have transparent ones, even better. You can paint em to any color you like


Then you need to cut out some parts off the wing so that you can insert the ‘lights’. I use hobby cutters (or use whatever you use to cut the parts from the runners) to roughly cut out the parts, then use a blade to even it out.


After that you need to attach the ‘lights’ to the wings. Since the leftover spruce is cylindrical, you need to make flat edges using a sharp blade. You don’t have to cut it to the exact shape just yet, just a rough but manageable shape will do. The just apply some glue or cement to the wing and attach the ‘lights’.


After the glue has set (make sure the parts don’t move), you can remove the leftover ‘lights’ using a hobby cutter. Then using your sharp blade, cut unwanted parts and shape it into something that resembles wingtip strobe lights. I can’t tell you exactly how to cut or shape it because it will depend on you and the model you’re building. But generally you should eventually end up with something nicer and more neat than this:


And there you have it. Hope it was useful.


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  1. Wow! That is a pretty nice trick! Thanks for sharing, bro. :)

  2. Great site.

  3. wow, what a neat little mod.

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