Wonder Festival Summer 2009 (Part I)

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I decided to make a detour to this year’s Wonder Festival (Wonfes) when I was paying homage to the life-sized Gundam in Odaiba. Its actually a showcase of figurines, garage kits and some bits of cosplay.  Yeah, I know this is not really Gunpla-related, but I’ll post the pics here anyhow. I won’t be writing much in this post, I’ll let the pics do the talking. So anyway, enjoy the pics…

I’ll start off with some monster pics:


wf09m_002 wf09m_004 wf09m_005


wf09m_001 wf09m_006 wf09m_008 wf09m_009

And some relatively mild pics of some random figurines:

wf09s_042 wf09s_001 wf09s_002 wf09s_003


wf09s_004 wf09s_006 wf09s_007 wf09s_008


wf09s_010 wf09s_011 wf09s_012 wf09s_014


wf09s_015 wf09s_016 wf09s_019 wf09s_020



wf09s_021 wf09s_022 wf09s_027 wf09s_028


wf09s_024 wf09s_025 wf09s_026 wf09s_029


wf09s_031 wf09s_032 wf09s_033 wf09s_034

wf09s_035 wf09s_036 wf09s_037 wf09s_038

wf09s_039 wf09s_040 wf09s_041

There’s also some people doing cosplay but I couldn’t manage to take that many shots because many of them were already starting to pack up by the time I reached there. So these are the only pics I have to offer. I couldn’t recognize most of what they’re cosplaying as anyways


Except this fella. I pity the fool dude that’s inside that costume. Must be really sweaty inside there with the summer heat. Even the V-fins have wilted :D But I gotta admire his devotion to the arts.

wf09c_002 wf09c_003 wf09c_004 wf09c_007

wf09c_015 wf09c_001 wf09c_008 wf09c_006

wf09c_012 wf09c_013 wf09c_014

And I saved the best for last…

wf09c_009 wf09c_010 wf09c_011

That’s it for Part I. More pics of figurines in Part II is here.

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