Wonder Festival Summer 2009 (Part II)

August 14, 2009 at 12:22 | Posted in Events | 1 Comment
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Continuation from Part I…

They even have a model of the current Prime Minister of Japan, and he looks creepy. And I don’t even wanna know what the black lever protruding from his ass is for


But it’s not as creepy as the yaranaika-man pillow cover…


Creepy things aside, I won’t mind having these as my mousepad…

wf09ll_03 wf09ll_04

DISCLAIMER: The following images may not be worksafe. I bear no responsibility if you are caught drooling over them by your boss/mom/girlfriend.




With that out of the way, here’s pics:

wf09e_42 wf09e_001 wf09e_002 wf09e_003

wf09e_004 wf09e_005 wf09e_006 wf09e_007

wf09e_008 wf09e_009 wf09e_010 wf09e_011

wf09e_012 wf09e_013 wf09e_015 wf09e_016



wf09e_019 wf09e_020 wf09e_021

wf09e_018 wf09e_022 wf09e_023 wf09e_024

wf09e_025 wf09e_027 wf09e_028

wf09e_026 wf09e_029 wf09e_030 wf09e_033

wf09e_031 wf09e_032 wf09e_035

wf09e_41 wf09e_034 wf09e_037 wf09e_038

wf09e_039 wf09e_040


And there you have it. Actually there was an adult section where they actually check your ID to make sure you’re over 18 before you can enter it. I have some pics from that section (actually plenty) but I don’t think I can post them here. If anyone’s interested maybe you can suggest how I should distribute them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pics


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  1. That protruding black thing behind Rozen Aso is either somekinda bizarre Japanese-manufactured battle machine, or maybe a figure stand. I dunno.

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