HCM Pro Geara Doga

September 23, 2009 at 01:06 | Posted in HCM Pro | 8 Comments
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I got this way back last year and it has been sitting in its box since. After I’m done with this one, there’s another 3 HCM Pro models waiting in line. Anyway, the Geara Doga has everything that appeals to me: it’s green, mean and armed to the teeth. Like most of my HCM Pro models, I felt compelled to add some panel lining. I also took it a step further by applying some decals on the shields and leg. After a generous coat of topcoat, I added panel lines and weathering via the wash method with enamel paints. And to top it off, I added paint chipping effect by applying some silver paint via a toothpick. For the photography, I used my recently constructed DIY softbox with a white background and my 50mm macro lens. Amazingly, all of this is done in a day. I can’t say the same for my ongoing project though, the VF-25S Messiah.  Hope you enjoy the pics


gdoga_01 gdoga_02

gdoga_03 gdoga_04 gdoga_05 gdoga_06

gdoga_07 gdoga_08 gdoga_09

gdoga_10 gdoga_11

gdoga_12 gdoga_13 gdoga_14 gdoga_16


gdoga_17 gdoga_18 gdoga_19 gdoga_20

gdoga_21 gdoga_23 gdoga_26 gdoga_27

gdoga_22 gdoga_24

gdoga_28 gdoga_29 gdoga_30


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  1. ive never heard of anyone painting a hcm-pro model but now i’m starting to wonder why more people dont if you can get effects like this. wow man. you dont post that often but when you do its pretty intense. this looks great! nice job!

  2. That is pretty cool, bro. I only have the MIA version. I think Geara Doga is the most beautiful Zeon MS in UC history. :)

    • this i have to agree with :)

  3. NICE! Where did you get those decals are they from HCM Pro?

    • no, those were actually aircraft decals i got from hobby shows. i had to find decals with small designs that fit the hcm-pro scale

  4. The shield and leg decals adds realism to the model, very nice touch.


  5. Where can I find 1/100 geara doga & geara zulu…. I really love them…. Such a shame for bandai that they are not making 1/100 of both….

  6. I think having geara doga & geara zulu in 1/100 can outsell most gundam models as what happened in zaku units…. Damn, accept the reality, collectors always looks for gundam opponents to display with their gundam units….

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