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Yes, I know it was a few months back and I’m fully deserving of the title slowpoke. I just haven’t had the time to organize the many photos I’ve taken over the past few months and this event unfortunately was my lowest priority. But anyway, better late than never right? This expo was one of the many events Bandai has prepared in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Gundam. If i recall correctly, they divided the expo into several sections: anime, gunpla, games, stage, books and merchandise sections. Only the merchandise section had no entrance fee, the rest required ~1000yen for entry.

At the books section they had, well…gundam books. Mangas, magazines etc.

gbe_bk-01 gbe_bk-02 gbe_bk-03

Even Tomino  has his own book


And just beside the books section were some Gundam artwork by artists unknown to me, but they look nice anyway

gbe_sg-01 gbe_sg-04 gbe_sg-03 gbe_sg-02

The gunpla section is actually just a small row displaying gunpla from the first clunky bits of plastic from the 70’s to the sleek design of today’s MG.  I actually like the boxart of those old kitsgbe_mu-06

gbe_mu-01 gbe_mu-03 gbe_mu-04

gbe_mu-05 gbe_mu-02

There was also a dedicated section for the 1:1 scale Gundam in Odaiba. They have a PG-sized model of the 1:1 scale model of the RX-78. Man, they really love the RX-78. They also displayed some components of the gundam, including the mold for the v-antennae. The last 2 pics are the real 1:1 scale gundam I took from the train on the way back.

gbe_od-09 gbe_od-08 gbe_od-02 gbe_od-01

gbe_od-04 gbe_od-05 gbe_od-06

gbe_od-07 gbe_od-10 gbe_od-11

As I entered the anime section, some posters of the anime series caught my attention. You can see my bias for U.C stuff, as I didn’t take any photos of other series’s posters :P

gbe_po-01 gbe_po-02 gbe_po-03 gbe_po-04

gbe_po-05 gbe_po-06 gbe_po-08 gbe_po-09

The anime section started off with 0079 U.C and in the middle was this massive diorama with HGUC models (lots of em)

gbe_dio-06 gbe_dio-07 gbe_dio-08

gbe_dio-09 gbe_dio-10 gbe_dio-11

gbe_dio-12 gbe_dio-13 gbe_dio-14

gbe_dio-15 gbe_dio-16 gbe_dio-17


gbe_dio-19 gbe_dio-20 gbe_dio-21

gbe_dio-22 gbe_dio-24 gbe_dio-26


And then there’s other dioramas involving the RX-78…

gbe_dio-01 gbe_dio-02 gbe_dio-05

gbe_dio-03 gbe_dio-04

The rest of the anime section included the rest of gundam series that ever existed. And each section had the respective mechas and/or dioramas. Here they are in no particular order:

gbe_00-01 gbe_00-02 gbe_00-03


gbe_gg-02 gbe_gg-04

gbe_gg-03 gbe_gg-05


gbe_vg-03 gbe_vg-02 gbe_vg-01

gbe_ta-01 gbe_ta-02 gbe_ta-03 gbe_ta-04


gbe_uc-01 gbe_uc-03 gbe_uc-06


gbe_uc-04 gbe_uc-07 gbe_uc-08

gbe_xg-01 gbe_xg-02

And also, for each anime subsection, there were big scale models of the ‘hero’ mobile suits..

gbe_big-01 gbe_big-02 gbe_big-03 gbe_big-05

gbe_big-04 gbe_big-06 gbe_big-09

gbe_big-07 gbe_big-08 gbe_big-10 gbe_big-12


gbe_big-13 gbe_big-14 gbe_big-15 gbe_big-16

gbe_big-17 gbe_big-18 gbe_big-19 gbe_big-20

And that’s about all the photos I took. There was the stage event where they had some famous gundam related celebrities, mostly the voice actors. I recall the voice actor for Gihren Zabi giving his Zeon speech and following that the crowd went “ZIEG ZEON!!!” That was cool. There’s also a screening booth for a short CG animation called ‘Ring of Gundam’. Nothing interesting actually. Just after the exit was the merchandise section but I didn’t really fancy buying anything, plus the queue was long. So that’s it, and as always enjoy the pics.


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  1. Wow, amazing Gunpla pics! I too like the old 70s Gunpla box arts.

    The battle field gunpla placements is extremely impressive!


  2. I wish I could be there… but it’s just too far away.

  3. This is just what I was looking for. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor

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