RG Aile Strike Gundam

May 25, 2011 at 12:12 | Posted in 1/144 scale, Model kits | 6 Comments
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I bought this out of curiosity actually, as I never had an RG model kit yet. The other two RG kits looked interesting, but I was looking for something else other than a Gundam or a Zaku. I bought the 1/100 Aile Strike kit and a HG Strike Rouge kit a long long time ago and basically they’re junk now. Anyway, burning with curiosity, I immediately started building it as soon as I got home.

Materials & Methods

This thing boasts a complete inner frame, although most of it already came pre-assembled on the runner, kinda like the legs for the RX-78 Ver1.5 and OYW versions. When put together, the inner frame does look a bit thin and fragile on its own. But when you put the armor on, it all starts to look magnificent.  The amount of parts are staggering, and at times felt a bit unnecessary.

As for the color scheme, at first I thought of sticking with the original colors, but then again I wanted it to look unique. So to look for some inspiration for a custom color scheme, I browsed through some hobby magazines. A white & grey color scheme came to mind, before I decided for white, grey & yellow colors, just like the Nu-Gundam. Hardly original, I know. Heck, I’ll just call mine the Nu-Strike. Having decided on the colors for the body, I opted for an aircraft kinda feel for the Aile Pack. I decided to try for a camouflage look using different shades of gray spray cans I have available.

The kit comes with decals on a blue-colored sheet. Don’t be fooled, they’re not water-slide decals, just plain ol’ stickers. I didn’t use any of them, except for some of the shiny bits. For the most part, I used my inventory of water-slides, but I didn’t have many in 1/144 scale. Some of them were old and tore quite easily so I had to be extra careful.


My final comments on this kit: it looks absolutely gorgeous. Its design and range of movement are reminiscent of the PG version.The details are intricate and color separation is well thought out. If there’s any negative point about this kit, is that the legs feel a bit short. Maybe it’s just me. I’m very impressed with it and hopefully other RG releases will be just as good, or even better. The only down side is, after being served with such a treat, building my next HG kit would feel like a total downgrade. If this were a review, I’d give it a 9/10.



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  1. wow, that’s great color scheme and paint job.
    me likes so much

  2. ohh..nice.. for mine..gonna go wit army green instead of grey…n yup agree with u.. rg is great…

  3. Just stumbled upon this website and found some great info! I just recently received this exact kit as a gift and can’t wait to start it!

    One question, do you know where I might find water-slide decals for this Ailes Strike?

    • if you’re talking about the official Bandai ones, i don’t think they released it yet. currently they only have water-slides for RG gundam & char’s zaku. If you’re prepared to wait, I’m sure Bandai will eventually release one for the RG strike.

  4. How long has it been since you post this? 5 years. Okay, I dunno if you gonna read this but I’ll take my chance. I really like your paint job. And currently I’m looking forward to painting my first RG kit. Here’s my questions. Did you paint the inner frame? And did you encounter any problem? You really do me a big favor if you could answer this. Thanks man

    • yes i did paint the inner frame. and i don’t recall encountering any problems with it. anything particular you’re worried about?

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