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Now that it’s summer I had some free time in my hands and I decided to make myself busy with some 1/144 kits. First up is the HGUC GM Cannon II. Part if its appeal is bulkier form from the added armor. Plus I just love grunt units. Ultimately, I made the decision to buy it when I saw this fine work by Schizophonic9:

Materials & Methods

Using that as a point of reference and inspiration, I added some detail-up parts from M.S.G and painted digital camo for my own kit. As for the building part, it required a bit more planning than when building the RG Strike. The parts that needed seam-lines fixing are the head, shoulders, forearms, calves and the shoulder cannons & rifle.

For painting, I decided to try out painting digital camo on the shoulders, forearms, hip and calf armors. First I sprayed German Gray (Mr. Color Spray No.40) on those parts, then I added masking tape that was cut in squares. For the 2nd layer, I sprayed Navy Blue (Tamiya spray can AS-8). I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. For decals, I used a mix of aircraft & Gundam waterslide decals. And finally for weathering, I used silver enamel paint to add scratch marks on the parts painted in dark blue. For the parts painted in light blue, I used dark brown + red enamel paints  to simulate rust.



As for the kit itself, it comes with a shield, machine gun and a beam sabre mounted on the left forearm. Also included are 6 kinds of hands and strangely Bandai provided some kind of holder for those hands from the runner parts. The arms can bend 180 degrees but sadly the fatty fat legs can only bend 90 degrees. Overall its a great looking kit that was pretty fun to build. Coming up next will be the GM Wagtail.


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  1. Oh my god this is really sexy.

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