How to do dry brushing

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Dry brushing is the easiest thing you can do to spruce up and add weathering to your model kit. It basically entails highlighting raised parts on your model kit using a paint brush with only a little bit of paint left on it, hence the term dry brushing.

Generally, silver paint is dry-brushed on the certain parts of your model (e.g weapons, joints). This gives the impression that the said part has undergone a lot of wear and tear, revealing the exposed metal (simulated by the silver) underneath the paint.

So all you need is a paint brush and some silver paint. And a paper towel. Here’s what to do:

1. Dip your brush in some silver paint. You can thin it with thinner or if you’re lazy like me just dip it straight in the bottle.

2. Remove excess paint from your brush by painting over the paper towel until only a little bit of the silver paint remains on the brush, like so:

3. Run the brush over the part you would like to have this effect. You’ll notice some silver paint will stick to the raised part. Here is what my Jesta’s rifle looked like before dry-brushing:

And this is what it looks like after I applied dry-brushing:

So that’s all there is to it. Easy, no? A word of caution though, while it’s easy to do, it’s also very easy to over-do. The key here is subtlety. Because once you applied this effect, its not so easy to erase, unless you repaint the whole part.

Of course, dry brushing is not limited to silver or metallic paints. You can also highlight a part using a lighter hue of the underlying paint. For example, if the base paint is dark green, you can dry brush using light green.

And there you have it. Have fun

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  1. Nice!!! I would definitely try this!! :D What color would be nice for base white?

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