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Okay, so I didn’t really build a new RG Strike. I just attached the Launcher Strike pack from the FG 1/144 kit to my existing RG Aile Strike Gundam. I got the idea from a Hobby Show and some pics from a hobby magazine. This was before Bandai released the RG Skygrasper with Launcher and Sword packs.

After finishing building my RG Strike, I actually lost interest in the project and went on to finish 3 other HGUC kits. Then just recently Hobby Japan released some goodies with its April issue. This included a 1/144 scale Grand Slam sword, previously only available with the PG Strike. That finally spurred me on to finish my Launcher/Sword Strike project.

Materials & Methods

The Launcher pack consists of 3 parts: the launcher cannon, backpack and shoulder-mounted weapon pod.

The weapon pod can be attached to the right shoulder of the RG Strike with no modifications but its a bit loose. I added some extra details using pla-plate and various M.S.G parts:

The backpack requires some modification: round peg (backpack) won’t fit a square hole (Strike). So I cut off the round peg from the launcher backpack and constructed a square peg from pla-plate to fit the Strike body. The square peg is then attached to the backpack using Tamiya epoxy putty. Looks ugly from the inside, but it won’t be visible anyways so I don’t care. I also attached a cylindrical tank to the right side of the backpack.

For the launcher cannon, I shifted the position of the left-hand grip backwards a little bit so that the cannon would extend out a little bit more, making it look longer. The right-hand grip was replaced with the gattling gun grip from System Weapons 001. I covered the resulting holes and gaps with some pla-plate and putty. I also removed the square sensor on top of the cannon and replaced it with a round sensor/scope from System Weapons 002.

The Grand Slam sword was assembled as it is. I only removed some bit of plastic at the tip to make it pointy and sharp. That’s it for structural modifications.

For painting, I used German Gray for the backpack and dark green for the cannon and shoulder weapon pod. Then I applied some panel lines using dark brown + yellow enamel paints and some silver dry-brushing and paint chipping effects. After applying some decals I finally finished it off with a layer of flat topcoat.



For a relatively “simple” project, I actually am quite pleased with the end product. I actually spent some time imagining (mostly daydreaming during meetings) and thinking of ways to improve the overall look of the launcher weapon set, and to successfully transfer ideas to tangible results was really satisfying. Okay, enough with the self praise. I hope the materials & methods section would be useful to those of you who would like to modify your own FG Launcher Strike kit instead of buying the RG Skygrasper set.

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  1. Nice work!! love it! wish I can do this things already.. :)

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