Sinanju Head Display Base

May 17, 2012 at 18:33 | Posted in Other scales | 1 Comment
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This 1/48 scale Sinanju head came with the January 2011 issue of Gundam Ace. Following the Unicorn Head Display base, this was the second such head that was produced from the Unicorn OVA.

The whole thing was molded in red plastic, except for the clear part for the monoeye. So naturally, some painting (and masking) was required. First off, I sprayed most of the parts with black surfacer, including the underside of the base and the stand. For the chest crest, I sprayed Tamiya gold on it before hand-painting the black parts with Tamiya enamel black (similar method I used for my HGUC Sinanju). For the red parts, I used Mr Color Red Madder spray. After some minimal decal attachment and panel-lining, its done.

It’s a fairly simple build, but not so straight-forward painting. I used up plenty of masking tape for this but it was worth it. I managed to finish it in parallel with my HGUC Sinanju and they indeed do match each other. The stand is a bit cumbersome when you want to change positions, though. Compared to the Unicorn head, the Sinanju base is a bit wider and has no transforming gimmick, obviously. Overall, it a perfect complement for a HGUC Sinanju.


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  1. It really goes well with the sinanju! =3

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