Shizuoka Hobby Show 2012 (Part 3)

May 28, 2012 at 00:32 | Posted in Events | 1 Comment
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Okay, so here’s the final batch of pics from the 51st Shizuoka Hobby Show. Apart from gunpla, there were various other genres that were just as amazing. Plenty of Macross, military and various sci-fi models but not so much on figurines.

There was something else at the hobby show that I only realized this year, and that was a hobby-related flea market. There was a 500-yen entrance fee, oddly. Inside this flea market area were a lot of old model kits, mostly military and cars. Some were so old that the boxes were yellowing. Sadly, the prices were not dirt cheap, but I guess it’s because they were kinda rare. But most disappointingly, there wasn’t much choice of gunpla. But I did eventually buy several sheets of water-slide decals and several 1/6 scale military weapons which I hope would suit my future MG kits. I also bought a hobby book featuring photos of really awesome Gunpla dioramas.

That was my haul from the hobby show and on my way back, I stopped by my local gunpla store and bought a HGUC GM Quell (it’s for a future project). And as I passed by the bookstore, I bought the Gundam Unicorn Ace comic which had a 1/100 scale Sinanju Bazooka as a free gift. So in the end, I actually bought quite a lot of stuff. But enough of that, here’s the pics:


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  1. Okay this set of photos has some weird looking custom makeovers and dioramas haha! robotic pikachi with a mini gun? Hatsune Miku fighting a giant crab? :)) funny =3

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