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Story-wise, the Delta Gundam was supposed to be the ancestor of the Hyaku Shiki and Delta Plus but this HGUC version is its first incarnation in model kit form. I’ve always preferred the Delta Gundam designs and proportions over the Hyaku Shiki and Delta Plus. So eager was I to get this kit that I pre-ordered it from Amazon.

Materials & Methods

Given that this kit is gold-plated, I didn’t have much choice but to do a straight build. Sure it’s possible to strip the gold, modify and then paint in your favorite golden hue, but that’s just too much hassle for me.

The good thing about the golden parts is the undergate technology. The parts are connected to the runner from underneath rather than directly to the side. What it means is that nip marks would not be visible (if you’re careful), which is critical for these gold-plated kits, since you don’t want to be scraping or sanding away the gold. Seam lines are visible on the shoulders and forearms, but it can’t be helped.

For every other part, I painted them in their respective colors; no custom colors this time. Some parts require some masking though, such as the underside of the feet and some red parts on the shield and chest.

I should mention that the gold parts are fingerprint magnets. If you touch them with your bare fingers, you’re bound to leave a fingerprint. I had to resort to using rubber gloves and wiping away my fingerprints (like a smooth criminal) before I applied some waterslide decals on them.

The final step is applying a layer of flat topcoat. Yes, you read that right. Flat topcoat. Why? I don’t really like the gold bling and secondly, no more fingerprints. And that’s it. Pretty straight forward and relatively quick build (by my standards, at least).


Here’s a magazine-style layout I made:

And here’s the rest of the pics:


Initially I wasn’t expecting too much from this kit in terms of proportion in MS mode. But when I compared it with the HGUC Delta Plus in MS mode, this Delta Gundam is just way better looking. The Delta Plus from the waist up is just…bad shape. In terms of articulation, the legs and feet are quite flexible, but the shoulders and arms are not so. The poses you can make in MS mode are therefore quite limited.

Like the HGUC Delta Plus and ReZEL, this is not a fully transformable kit. You have to take out some parts and reattach them to another to transform it into waverider mode. And boy does the waverider form look gorgeous. I can look at it all day. In fact, I kept it on display in the waverider mode.

Overall, this is a very well-designed and well-proportioned kit. My only gripe with it is the gold plating and the price. But I’m sure if Bandai released a cheese-yellow kit, people would be screaming for a gold-plated version instead.



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  1. Nice build!! I love the effect of flat topcoat on the gold!! Me too I prefer a flat gold than a blingy gold, it kinda reduces that toy-like look =3

    Yeah its pretty pricey for an HG kit! Wanted this one but it was too expensive or my liking. XD

  2. Wow very nice. I would like to know if your kit came with the DLC code for the PS3 Gundam Unicorn Game? If so, can I have the code if you don’t need it. Thanks

    • Yes it did come with a DLC code. But I used it already. Sorry

  3. I’ve been searching the internets about techniques on building the HGUC Delta Gundam but this is the first time that I’ve encountered directly flat-coating it without stripping the chrome… and it actually looks good!

    On that note, those red bits on the shield, did you paint it before or after the top coat? (I assume it’s after)

    Thanks for the idea!

    • you’re welcome! i painted all the necessary parts (shield etc.) and then i sprayed the flat topcoat layer

      • So you painted them over the gold chrome? I always had the impression that painting on chrome is bad since the paint won’t stick due to the overly smooth surface. Did you encounter such issues?

        And by the way, I primarily paint with spray cans so would that be a factor as well?

      • i used spray cans only so that’s not a problem. before painting i masked the surrounding golden parts.After that i sprayed a layer of primer followed by red paint. the primer helps the paint stick to the glossy surface

      • And primer solves everything! Thanks for the tip as this answers my dilemma on how to approach that kit.

        Really appreciate it!

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