System Weapon 001 and 002

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Since I have quite a few 1/144 scale model kits, I thought having more optional weapons for them would be a good idea. That’s why I bought the System Weapon 001 and 002 for ~1000yen each.

First, a general description. Each box includes two different class of weapons with swappable parts to convert into different configurations.The main weapon of each class comes pre-built with decals, whereas the swappable parts are on runners. It also includes a weapons stand:

So let’s start with System Weapon 001:

The main weapons in the box are the Gatling gun and the Zaku machine gun. The Gatling gun and Zaku machine gun are each capable of being modified into 3 configurations, as follows:

However, because the main body of the weapon (the one with the grip) is limited, you can only have 2 gatlings and 1 machine gun complete at the same time. The good thing is that you can mix and match the option parts to make the weapon of your choice. I chose these configurations for the Gatling gun and Zaku machine gun:

And now on to System Weapon 002:

The main weapons are the Gelgoog beam rifle and the Zaku heat hawk. The beam rifle can be attached with 2 different types of long barrels while the heat hawk can be transformed into a twin axe and a huge axe, like so:

As with system weapons 001, you cannot have all three configurations simultaneously; at a given time you only have enough parts to make 1 beam rifle and 2 heat hawks, and I preferred these configurations:

You may have noticed I added some details to the weapons. In fact, I sprayed them all with German Gray and handpainted some parts on the heat hawks. I applied some water-slide decals and added M.S.G pink transparent parts to the rifle sensor/scope. To add a bit of weathered effect, I applied dry brushing using silver paint, some weathering pastels and finally a spray of flat topcoat.

And here’s some pics of the weapons in the hands of some of my completed 1/144 kits:

I must say these weapons really suit the Jesta and Zeon suits. Oh, I should add that the weapons may not fit nicely on the hands of existing models. Thankfully, System Weapon 002 includes several pairs of hands which can properly grip the weapons and they come in both designs: Federation (sharp & squarish) and Zeon (rounded) finger designs. Unfortunately they are all molded in black so some painting may be necessary for those hands to match your kit color scheme.

Pros: Well-detailed and nicely designed weapons; ability to customize the weapon; comes with weapon stand and hands.

Cons: Although 3 configurations of each weapon are possible, you are limited to having at most 2 weapons at the same time; some building & possibly painting required.

The final word: Although I was quite irked by the cons listed above, I didn’t regret the purchase. At least the leftover parts can be used to modify other weapons (actually I did that already for my RG Launcher Strike). So if you have some 1/144 scale kits and you find their weapons rather inadequate, you might consider these System Weapons. For me, I’m actually looking forward to System Weapon 003.


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  1. Ohhh looks like its a nice buy if most of your collection are 1/144s =3

  2. They look great, even if only to be used as doodles in a dio or something. I may get these fro that purpose.

  3. wooa great review,, I want to try it too with my jesta :D

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