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The Dwadge (pronounced do-wa-jee) is a weirdly-named Dom variant which made a brief appearance in episode 4 of the Gundam Unicorn OVA. Since there’s no existing official Bandai kit for it, I bought a resin c.o.v.e.r kit from Yahoo auctions. It’s actually a recast (made in Hong Kong) of the original resin kit, so it’s cheap but I already anticipated the quality will not match the original. This also marks the first time for me to build a resin kit. As the name implies, it’s a cover kit; you need a HGUC Dom as a base to build a Dwadge.

Materials and methods:

The Dwadge has only a few cosmetic differences from the Dom, namely the head, backpack, chest, back skirt, lower legs and some parts for the bazooka:

First I soaked the resin parts (all molded in white) in soap water to remove any possible remaining oil-based chemicals used in the casting process (some tip I read in the internet).

All the resin parts had some leftover bits that needed to be trimmed (possibly another by-product of the casting process). I found it was surprisingly easy to trim away the excess using just a hobby blade. As I snap-fitted the resin parts to the original Bandai HGUC Dom kit, I found that most of the resin parts did not fit snugly to the Dom; some holes & pegs don’t fit, some had obvious gaps. To fix the holes & pegs problem, I drilled larger holes on the resin part and I fixed the gaps using Tamiya epoxy putty. I glued the rest of the parts to their respective positions using super glue.

Priming and painting is definitely necessary, because you get an ugly combination of white (resin), purple (Dom) and yellow (epoxy putty). Unfortunately the piece of paper that came with the resin kit did not come with a painting guide, but thankfully there’s google. Even then, there’s not that many reference pics of the Dwadge; I guess it’s pretty obscure and unpopular.

Anyway, I primed the whole kit with black surfacer (Evo spray). For the legs and arms, I sprayed Tamiya tan, while the chest/backpack, head, skirt armors and shoulder was sprayed with dark green. The joints were sprayed with gun metal and the bazooka with Zeon MS Gray spray. Some waist parts were handbrushed with red-brown enamel paint. Some masking was needed, particularly for the backpack.

Then it’s the standard process of panel-lining & weathering using enamel wash, applying decals & paint chipping effects and a final dose of flat topcoat.



This is my first time assembling a kit with resin parts. What looked deceptively simple on paper in fact took quite a bit of work. The main problem was with parts that didn’t fit too well. The final result may look a bit rough on some parts (especially the back of the lower legs) but overall I think it looks quite good.

Also, because of the bulk and weight of the resin backpack (it’s not hollow), the kit became a little back-heavy. Not so much of a problem, but somewhat of a nuisance when taking photos. The kit itself is not really that posable (the Dom never was) but it looks pretty decent. Overall, it was quite a tricky build, but in the end I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out.



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  1. very nice…so cool

  2. Damn nice work! I really enjoy seeing your work! You’re one of the best for me when it comes to weathering and customizing.. =3

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