52nd All Japan Model & Hobby Show

October 23, 2012 at 21:13 | Posted in Events | Leave a comment
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For this year’s hobby show, I didn’t have much time to take too many photos, having arrived in the late afternoon. Nevertheless, here’s a brief summary of what caught my interest at the show:

First off is the RG Zeta, complete with full transformation gimmick. Will be on my to-buy list, since I don’t have a proper Zeta in my collection. From the HGUC section there’s the Byarlant custom and then there’s the HGUC Delta Kai; although I don’t quite fancy the overall look, the rifle does look sweet. Also displayed as a grey prototype is the Rozen Zulu.

Moving on the the MG section, where the biggest news is the MG Nu Gundam ver.Ka. Indeed it looks so much better than the original MG and comes with plenty of gimmicks, including a secret which will be revealed at the Gunpla expo in Akihabara later. From Gundam SEED, there’s MG Aegis. I just bought the MG Buster, so I think I’ll lay off SEED kits for a while. Then there another much anticipated MG release: the Tallgeese I. I already have the HG 1/100 version still unbuilt, but I’ll still get the MG version, regardless. There’s also the MG Age-2 black pirate version or whatever it’s called.

And finally some miscellaneous stuff. System Weapons 4 will include sniper rifles and some swords. Sweet… And Bandai will release some new Builder parts, including tank (fuel canisters), blade (v-fins), thrusters and human figures. So that’s about all the headlines that are related to Gunpla. I took some a few more photos here and there, so enjoy.

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