Gunpla Expo Japan 2012

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“Fun to build Gunpla..” That’s the message that was flashing as I approached Akiba Square for the Gunpla Expo. It’s actually my first time to visit a Gunpla expo and there was quite a queue to get into the exhibition hall. Thankfully entry was free of charge. Here’s what the entrance looked like:


Inside I was greeted with staff who handed out 1/144 scale beam effects parts in clear blue, for free. The first section of the expo was a display of  the upcoming MG and HG kits, followed by a RG section. The last section just before the exit was for entries for the Gunpla Builders World Cup.

For the RG section, the focus was obviously on the RG Zeta (which I bought at nearby Yodobashi camera just after the expo).  Although no prototype was on display yet, the next RG kit has been announced, and it’s a Destiny Gundam. I’ll pass. On the wall was a poster showing the next possible RG kits they were testing: Z’gok, Gouf, GM and Ground-type Gundam. I really hope the next RG after Destiny will be the Gouf. Also on display were various kits that were built using the RG frame, e.g. Buster Gundam, Zaku I, Red Zeta etc.

For the MG section, the main attraction was the MG Nu Gundam ver Ka. And the final ‘secret’ that was nt revealed during the hobby show earlier was the green psychoframe. Apparently the armor can be shifted a bit to reveal the green psychframe, ala Unicorn gundam. And if you think 6 fin funnels are not enough, you can buy another 6 from Bandai’s online hobby shop. Four upcoming MG releases will be from Gundam Uncorn: Sinanju Stein, ReZel Type-C, Banshee (Titanium fninish ver) and the Jesta. Apart from that, the MG Aile Strike Gundam will also be re-released as a remastered version. Probably it will use the inner frame of the latest SEED MG kits. And from Gundam Wing, there’s the MG Tallgeeese I, displayed in full color.

The upcoming HGUC releases are also dominated by Unicorn Gundam models, namely the Byarlant custom, Delta Kai, Rozen Zulu and the Jesta Cannon. I’m definitely getting the Jesta Cannon, even though I’m certain they will release a MG version of it in the near future. Other interesting stuff include the HGUC Zaku II MS06-R Black Tristars and also a HGUC Ez-8. From the SEED series, there will be a HG Astray Blue Frame 2nd L, and a Perfect Strike (a strike gundam with the Aile, Sword, Launcher packs plus extra batteries).

The last section was entries for the Gunpla Builders World Cup. There were truly amazing works on display there. Some of my favorites are the Gyan, Ball and The-O.

There were also some other stuff at the expo, including gunpla built (or maybe endorsed) by some Japanese celebrities. There’s also AGE stuff too, but I didn’t bother taking their photos. On sale were some Expo-exclusive items, which include HGUC Unicory Destroy mode (green psychoframe), RG Freedom (extra finish ver), HG AGE-3 glossy ver, RG Zaku II Realtype colors. None of them interest me, though.

So that’s all the photos I took during the expo. I find that it was more interesting than any of the other hobby shows I went to before. Maybe I should go more often. Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the pics.

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