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It has been years since I last built an MG kit (4 years in fact). I bought this MG Dom a few years ago, mainly for its weapons. I actually assembled only the Dom’s weapons when I was building my last MG kit, which was the Zaku Minelayer. The main body of the Dom remained in the box until just recently, when I decided to free up some space taken up by the huge MG box. I don’t quite fancy purple colored kits, so I decided to repaint it in desert colors, like the GFF version.

Materials & Methods:

The kit was actually pretty simple to build, but the way the instruction manual was organized was quite poor. The seam lines that needed to be fixed was in the shoulders and weapons.  I also added some minor battle damage effects by using a small battery-powered router. The only modification I made was to the monoeye, where I replaced it with Bandai’s Gunpla Builders MS Sight Lens.

For painting, I sprayed black surfacer on all the purple parts and I used two types of brown paint for different parts of the body. The inner frame was painted with German gray. After painting was finished, I applied decals to mimic the GFF style, using whatever water-slide decals I had.

I applied a layer of gloss topcoat in order to protect my decals from the next step, which was weathering using the enamel wash method. I also added extra paint chipping effects & dry brushing on the inner frame. For the battle damaged parts, I filled them with silver paint, painted the edges with some black enamel paint and finally dabbed some black weathering pastel around the area. I finished with a layer of flat topcoat, as usual.


Here’s some pictures of the inner frame (what’s little of it).

And here with full armor.

And finally some photos with weapons. Although the Dom already has a wide array of weapons, I also photographed it with some 1/6 scale military weapons that I have lying around.


This was one of the earliest MG kits released, so understandably the detail and articulation is not on par with the latest MG kits. In terms of articulation, it’s probably comparable to the HGUC Dom kit I just finished recently. And it seems the designers only focused on the inner frame details of the leg, where it was quite well done. On the upper half of the body, the inner frame was virtually non-existent, save for the core block, backpack and head.

As I mentioned before, the arsenal of weapons was one of the plus points of this kit. It came with two types of bazookas, a sub machine-gun, two Sturm-Faust grenades, magazines & a heat rod. Unfortunately, the rather poor articulation especially at the shoulders and arms, prevents good poses with those weapons.

For an old MG kit, it actually has decent levels of details on the inner frame of the leg and it comes with plenty of weapons. Other than that, there’s nothing much to shout about. Now to find some space to put it…


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  1. Love your work! amazes me everytime and makes me want to do better on my own kits.. =3

  2. Really impressive industrial weathering that adds to – rather than detracts from – the design of the kit. That’s given me a lot of great ideas for my models – thank you so much for sharing your work! So much love in this build.

  3. What type of paint do you used for the primer and the base coat? Btw your DOM look awesome!!!

    • Thanks. I used Gaianotes evospray surfacer (dark gray). For the base coat I used Tamiya spray cans (Wooden deck tan and red brown)

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