Strike Freedom

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I have to admit I’m not really a big fan of the Strike Freedom; its predecessor, Freedom Gundam has a better looking design. I bought this kit during one of my Wonfes trips, but it’s actually a limited item from a previous Gunpla expo. I’m having buyers remorse to this day, but I decided to just build it rather than keep it in the box. What differentiates this Expo version from the normal MG is that all parts other than the inner frame is made out of semi-transparent plastic.

Materials & Methods:

The inner frame is molded in a cheesy-yellow shade instead of gold, so I sprayed them all with gold paint from a spray can, and then sealed it with gloss topcoat. I thought about adding panel lines to the inner frame, but I decided against it. For the rest of the semi-transparent parts, I just cut them off the runners and removed the leftover plastic with my hobby blade. Because they’re made out of a different type of plastic, there is a tendency for the white stress marks to remain, particularly on the darker colored plastic. The kit came with foil stickers and dry-transfer decals but i didn’t apply any of them, except for the eye stickers.



Well there’s nothing much to say about this kit. Other than spraying the inner frame with gold, there’s not much workmanship involved. The details on the inner frame look great, and it looks very slim and flexible. After putting the outer armor on, the gold inner frame is still slightly visible.  The kit comes with its own stand, but is not that particularly useful for action poses since it can’t fully support the weight of the kit. It’s only stable in an upright pose; for other poses, the stand tends to lean where the weight is distributed. Without the stand, the kit tends to fall on its back due to the heavy backpack wings. Overall, if you like flashy kits, then you might fancy the Strike Freedom. For me though, I’m just glad the finished kit takes up less space than its box. Anyone want to buy it off of me? Hahaha

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