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I’m a fan of Ghost in the Shell ever since I saw the first movie, and the Tachikoma are one my favorite characters from the Stand Alone Complex series. This kit was released quite a few years back and it was my first non-Gundam plamo kit. Like most of the kits I bought, it remained in the box until just recently, when I decided to make an effort to clear my outstanding backlog of unbuilt kits.

Materials & Methods:

This kit is produced by Wave and the plastic is molded in two colors: cream-white and blue. The instruction manual is pretty clear and construction is very straight forward. I found it was quite easy to cut the plastic using a hobby knife; perhaps the formula they use in the plastic is different from Bandai’s.

There were quite a few places where seam lines need to be fixed, mostly at the appendages. And here’s the minus point about this kit: some parts didn’t really fit too well. Even after using cement to remove the seam lines, there were places where some gaps remain. To fix it, I used Tamiya basic putty which is the grey type. I didn’t modify anything except drilling holes on the armor plates on the appendages.

I sprayed black surfacer on all the parts, followed by silver spray. For the main body of the Tachikoma, I initially wanted to spray them in metallic blue, but I found out that my metallic blue spray can was almost empty. Not wanting to go out and buy a new can, I looked at the available spray cans I have and decided to spray paint it yellow. Some parts like the wheels and feet were handpainted with black enamel and panel lining was also done with black enamel. I added some details on the sensor parts and applied a few water-slide decals.



This 1/24 scale Tachikoma is a relatively simple and straightforward build, just like building a HG kit. The downside of this kit is that some parts didn’t fit too well, requiring the use of glue and/or putty to fix. So if you’re a snap-fitter, I wouldn’t recommend this kit. Plus, the original plastic colors look horrible. But if you’re willing to glue, sand, putty and paint your model kit, then by all means buy one.

Even though the color scheme was a last-minute change, I think it ended up looking not bad at all. I chose yellow because it resembled the construction worker Tachikoma. The kit came with a figure of the Major, but I didn’t bother to paint or do anything with it.

In conclusion, I’m pleased with the overall design and look of the kit but some small things like the fitting of parts could have been better.


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  1. Can I have your Major?

    • Sorry mate, I don’t even know where it is anymore. Most probably thrown out with the trash

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