AV-98 Ingram 1 (D-style)

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I have always wanted to buy a model kit from the Patlabor series, but was reluctant to get the 1/35 scale version from Bandai because I wanted something smaller. So when Kotobukiya released the D-style Ingram 1, I decided to give that a try. The D-style kit is similar to the Super-Deformed (SD) kits, i.e. large oversized head with small, compact body & limbs. It also marks my first time purchasing a Kotobukiya kit.

Materials & Methods:

Building is very simple and straight forward. Color separation of the parts are quite well done, meaning you can just snap-fit this kit and it will already look quite decent. But for me, that’s not enough. I fixed the seam-lines on the legs and arms. For the (mono)eye, I painted silver over it to give the eye a reflective effect. On the shoulders, I attached some clear lens parts.

Some parts needed painting: the neck, small part of the shield, tip of the antenna, and weapons. The rest of the parts were left unpainted. Panel lines were added with black enamel paint. Although the kit already had some markings attached on some parts, being the decal maniac that I am, I added a few water-slide decals of my own. Finally, the whole kit was sprayed with a layer of flat topcoat.




This is my first Kotobukiya and first super-deformed kit. And I have to say, I’m quite impressed with it. What impressed me the most was the color separation of the parts. Some parts already came pre-painted, while the clear parts (eye and forehead sensor, police-lights on the shoulder) were already in their respective colors. Painting is not really needed, but the least that this kit deserves is some panel-lining. It will really make a difference.

The weapons included a revolver, a baton (molded in white & requires painting) and a shield. The kit didn’t come with any stickers of decals, probably because some parts already had some markings on them. Overall it was a very enjoyable build and recommended if you’re a fan of Patlabor and/or SD kits.

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  1. Nice clean build as always! Great job! You’re really my idol! =3

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