Type-J9 Griffon (D-style)

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I got this kit shortly after I bought the D-style Ingram 1, just because I wanted a bad-guy unit to match it. Like the Ingram, this D-style kit is Kotobukiya’s version of the super-deformed line (large head, small body) and I built these two kits in parallel.

Materials & Methods:

Again, building is very simple and straight forward. Most of the parts are in black, except for the joints and monoeye which already came pre-painted. However, unlike the Ingram, this kit has more visible seam lines which needed to be fixed: chest, arms, legs and the wing backpack. The underwater jetpack has quite obvious cavities in them. I thought about plugging them with epoxy putty but the amount needed would be substantial so I just left them as they are.

Although most of the parts are black, some parts on the chest and arms & legs needed to be painted grey. The vents for the underwater jetpack were painted yellow while the underside of the backpack booster was painted red. For panel lining, I used gray enamel. I didn’t apply too many water-slide decals this time, just a few in certain places. Finally I sprayed it with a layer of gloss topcoat.




Because 90% of the kit was black, I thought this would be an easier build than the Ingram, but I was wrong. There were a lot more seam lines to fix and painting some parts were a bit trickier. But once fully assembled, it looks very nice indeed; arguably better looking than the non-deformed version. It has a mean aura to it, and very fitting for a villain’s mecha.

The only weapon included is a revolver, but it has two pairs of hands: a normal closed-fist and a pointy open palm. It has two types of interchangeable backpacks too: a wing type and the underwater jetpack type.

Overall, I had fun building these D-style kits and if you had to choose between the two, I’d recommend getting the Griffon over the Ingram. It simply looks more bad ass.


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