Gundam Bearbrick 2

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After the first round of Pepsi-Gundam Bearbricks, there was another round of these little critters. This time I managed to buy all 16 types (attached to the same disgusting beverage) from the supermarket. Not all at the same time, obviously. It must’ve been ages since I bought them, but only now I felt like taking a few photos.

So here’s the complete list of the 16 types:

1) RX-78-2 Gundam 5) Gogg 9) Guntank 13) Kycilia Zabi
2) Zaku II 6) Amuro Ray 10) Gyan 14) Garma Zabi
3) Zeong 7) Char (A) 11) Zakrello 15) Lalah Sune
4) Zaku I 8) Char (B) 12) Bright Noa 16) Fraw Bow

And here’s the whole cast:


Just the characters:


The mobile suits:


Playing dead…


Two Freddies vs 6 Zeeks…?


The Zabis & a Char in between


White Base crew..


Bright slap!!!


Two Chars and a Lalah


Here’s some pics with the previous set of Bearbricks…

The complete White Base crew


The White Base mobile suits (with the GM lurking behind)


The Pink Char Quartet


And finally…the Zakrello making a fuss during the Zeon photoshoot


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