HCM Pro Gundam Ground Type

April 22, 2013 at 12:42 | Posted in HCM Pro | 3 Comments
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With the current revival of interest in the MS 08th Team, I thought now would be a good time to post some pics of my HCM-Pro kits from that series. First up is the Gundam Ground Type. When opening the box, I came to realize just how small these HCM-Pro kits are. Yet the level of details & articulation is comparable with a HGUC kit.
Like all HCM-Pro kits, all the parts come pre-assembled. This one comes with a submachine-gun, a cannon, 2 beam sabres, a shield and a box-like backpack. In addition, it comes with several add-on detail parts (attached to a runner) to give it a more military-feel. I decided not to use any of it because I’m thinking of using them on my HGUC kits instead. Another thing that impressed me about this kit is that it already comes with some decals attached.
Since this is a ground type unit, it’s crying out for some weathering. So I applied (almost) every weathering technique that I know. These include enamel wash, paint chipping, dry-brushing, and dabs of weathering pastel. I should add that applying these techniques are a little bit tricky given the small scale of the HCM-Pros. Finally I gave it a layer of flat topcoat.
The results are as you see below:

And that’s all I have to say about it. Hope you enjoyed the pics.



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  1. Nice work! Makes me want to buy an HCM pro too and practice some weathering. XD

  2. Man the details are amazing! What paints did you use for the weathering of the white armor parts and simulating the rust parts? :D

    • thanks! i used dark brown enamel paints for that.

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