HCM Pro Gundam Ez8

April 24, 2013 at 12:17 | Posted in HCM Pro | 1 Comment
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I bought this Ez8 together with a bunch of other HCM Pro kits a few years back. Having done some weathering on the Gundam Ground Type, I decided to do apply the same treatment for the Ez8.

So the same processes were repeated: enamel wash, dry brushing, paint chipping & applying weathering pastels.

The Ez8 is not so much different from the Gundam Ground Type; it comes with the same types of weapons & accessories. The only additional stuff is the parachute backpack & a bazooka. It also comes with some add-on details parts, which I am saving for other kits. You can also remove the chest armor to reveal some details underneath.

Like the Gundam Ground Type, I am equally impressed with the level of details & articulation in the Ez8, given that it’s such a small scale model. So anyway here’s the pics:

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  1. Nice work again! Makes me want to buy an HCM pro right away seeing the details and all.. =3 Love the backpack!

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