RG Sword Strike Gundam

May 7, 2013 at 12:03 | Posted in 1/144 scale | 1 Comment
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The RG Strike is back, but with a new weapons pack! This time it’s the Sword Strike pack.  Unlike the Launcher pack which was hijacked from the FG 1/144 kit, this Sword pack was from RG Sky Grasper. I didn’t buy the whole kit; instead I purchased only the sword pack from Yellow Submarine in Akihabara. They have a good selection of gunpla spare parts, although it depends on luck whether the parts you’re looking for are actually available.

Materials & methods:

The Sword pack was sold in a plastic bag with all parts still attached to the runners. Obviously no instruction manual was included but it’s not much of a problem thanks to the internet. Because it’s made specifically for the RG Strike kit, no modification was necessary this time.

I decided to stick with the blue color scheme for the Sword pack, but substituted the baby blue with Navy blue. The tip of the sword and clamp was sprayed with silver paint while the handle and other internals were painted with german gray. And it wouldn’t be complete without some waterslide decals and a layer of flat topcoat.



Although initially I didn’t have any plans to make a Sword strike, later on I thought I might as well complete the set when I saw the parts in the Yellow Submarine shop. The Sword pack included the sword, backpack, shoulder unit with a beam boomerang and a clamp unit on the arm. It is indeed very detailed and parts separation is very good, making the painting step a breeze.

Obviously this Sword pack didn’t require as much work as my Launcher pack, but it was still fun and satisfying nonetheless. The only pain came when I tried to photograph it with all the strike packs, ala Perfect Strike. It was kinda difficult to get good poses, especially when holding the Launcher cannon.

And that’s it for the 3 strike packs (Aile, Sword & Launcher). That said, there might be room for another backpack in the future…


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  1. God, really nice work as usual! =3

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