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May 28, 2013 at 12:13 | Posted in 1/144 scale | 2 Comments
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Seeing as how I have a strong aversion towards the white-blue-red-yellow color scheme of Gundam protagonist mobile suits, the plan for my RG Zeta kit was simple: custom paint it. I thought the Zeta gundam would look nicer as a villain mobile suit, so I decided to give it a Titans color scheme.

Materials & Methods:

During building, I assembled parts which make up the inner frame and kept the armor parts separate. I decided not to paint the inner frame and some of the red parts. For the rest, I sprayed dark gray primer on the entire surface so that the original color of the plastic would not be visible. For the limbs & head, I sprayed Navy Blue (Tamiya) while the chest was painted with German Gray. For the edges of the wings, I painted them with yellow-orange while the red thrusters were painted with silver. Panel lines were done using desert brown enamel paint.

I took my time with the decals, finding the ones which would match the color scheme. Although most of the decals I used were white, I added some yellow ones to liven up the somewhat dreary paint job. I didn’t apply any weathering on this kit, other than some dry brushing. When all is done, I sprayed a layer of flat topcoat and then made the final assembly.



In terms of building and painting, it felt as straightforward and routine as it can get. Because I applied the decals on each parts separately, I didn’t realize some of the decals would not be so visible until after the final assembly. Also, I noticed the decals I bought from Samuel decal tend to produce more silvering. Whether that’s down to the decal or my own technique is still unclear.

As for the kit, the proportions and level of details are what you would expect from and RG kit. This RG Zeta is fully transformable; no part-swapping required. That said, transforming it into wave-rider mode and back was a little nerve-wracking, having read about fragile and broken parts during transformation on the internet. Thankfully mine survived the transformation process unscathed, although some white stress marks can be seen on some of the joints. Because of the transformation gimmick, the kit as a whole feels less sturdy, especially at the hips and groin.

Overall, I like the proportions, details & parts separation (makes for easy painting) of this RG Zeta. But because of the full transformation feature, it feels a bit fragile and less posable. And finally I’d say that this Zeta looks a lot more sinister with the Titans paintjob, although it does remind me of a Decepticon a little bit…



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  1. You didn’t applied top coat on this kit or did you? I am curious because with top coat in place aside from the base paint will obviously make the kit a little bit bulkier that will affect the transformation,

    • yes i did apply a layer of flat topcoat, but i think neither the topcoat nor the paintjob affected the transformation.

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