Tallgeese (Endless Waltz)

July 30, 2013 at 23:37 | Posted in Master Grade | 11 Comments
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The thing about Gundam Wing is that there’s too many overpowered Gundams in it (also applies to SEED). So the Tallgeese comes as a breath of fresh air, with its Trojan helmet and fat thighs. I already have the old 1/100 scale kit still in its box, but I went ahead and purchased the MG version regardless. I felt that the color scheme looks good as it is, so I decided to do what I did to the MG Heavyarms: paint the innerframe and apply weathering effects on the unpainted outer armor.

Materials & Methods:

I snap fitted the inner frame first, and put aside the rest of the outer armor. The inner frame was mostly of a monotonous grey tone, so I decided to paint it in different shades of grey: German Grey, Zeon MS Gray & Gunmetal. The thrusters were sprayed with Gloss Aluminium while the rifle was mostly painted with Olive Green.

Although the outer armor did not require painting, I sprayed some parts with Light Gull Gray to break the monotony of the white color scheme. The only parts that did require painting were the wings on the backpack, which needed a strip of orange-yellow.

Panel lining was done using black enamel on the white colored parts & desert brown on the darker colored parts. For weathering, I just applied multiple scratch marks instead of heavy damage. I used mostly dark grey enamel for the scratch effect and added a few dabs of dark brown enamel using a sponge to simulate rust.

I didn’t have any Tallgeese-specific decals, so I used water slide decals from Wing Gundam & various others in my inventory. And finally, I applied flat topcoat on the outer armor and made the final assembly.


Here’s the awesome inner frame;

And now with some clothes armor on:

Finally some action shots:


For a MG kit, this one ticks the right boxes: very detailed inner frame, good articulation, good parts separation and gimmicks on the weapons & booster backpack. I personally love the inner frame; it’s quite different from the typical gundam & zaku type inner frames. Overall, it’s a very nicely designed and well proportioned kit.

Now for the minus points. Like the MG Heavyarms, it doesn’t have movable fingers. Instead it has the same HG-like swappable fingers. It doesn’t bother me as much this time, since I didn’t plan to pose it with other 3rd party weapons.

Although the majority of the joints feel solid, the shoulders and waist feel less so. Probably because of the polycap joints that were used. It does tend to lean backwards due to the heavy backpack. Also, snap-fitters may not like the yellow sticker for the backpack wings but for painters, it’s not a big deal.

In conclusion, I felt the plus points outweigh the minus points, making the MG Tallgeese a kit that’s relatively solid and very nice to look at.


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  1. The desert yellow you use, is it enamel?

    • Yep. I use enamel paints for all my panel lining stuff

  2. Beautiful! Great paint job and weathering! Always loved your works. :D

    • Thanks!

  3. Bro, you didn’t link it to your gallery?

    • it’s up now

  4. Very nice, i just got this kit recently myself. Im enjoying putting it together. i am curious, when you said you painted, did you use spray cans, hand paint, or did you use a air brush? it looks very well done and very thin layers, im thinking more airbrush but im unsure. at any rate keep it up i cant wait to see your other kits.

    • thanks. all the parts that i painted were done using tamiya or mr color spray cans

  5. Sorry to post for an old kit… on the inner frame which parts are which shade of grey? I notice the cockpit door is a lighter grey than the frame. Was the outer armor around the stomach also painted in that same color? Thanks!

    • if i remember correctly, the darker shade was german gray. the lighter shade was zeon ms gray. the metallic parts were gun metal.

  6. Great work, your Tallgeese looks fantastic!

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