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Something big and red arrived at my doorstep today. No, it’s not Santa. It’s the MG Sazabi ver Ka. This is by far the biggest MG box I’ve ever had. Yes, I know there’s other MG kits with bigger boxes than this. But just to show you how big is, I placed my RG Strike on the left side of the box:


Just some additional info about the kit in case you don’t know already:

  • it comes with stickers AND water-slide decals.
  • there’s space for an LED gimmick for the monoeye, but the LED unit is sold separately
  • the armor can be split open to reveal the internal armor but there’s no clear psychoframe parts like the MG Nu ver Ka.
  • beam weapons are neon green
  • comes with two rifles: beam shot rifle and long rifle (pictured in boxart). And get this: you can attach the MG Sinanju bazooka to the bottom part of the long rife

I’m in no rush to build this one and I still haven’t decided whether to custom paint it or leave it in red.  But one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a massive undertaking.

And that’s not all in my pre-Xmas loot drop:

msg-weapons29-32These are the latest M.S.G weapon units by Kotobukiya. From the left it’s the Hand Gatling gun, belt feed for the Gatling gun, Assault rifles and katanas. Unlike the previous Gatling gun by Kotobukiya (see MG Heavyarms), this one looks a bit smaller and maybe more suitable for 1/144 scale kits. But the barrel looks underwhelming, so I’m thinking of replacing it with the Gatling barrel from Bandai’s System Weapon 005.

The Assault Rifle set comes in two flavors: modeled after the HK416 and AK12 assault rifles, respectively. Both come with grenade launcher attachments too. And finally, the katanas also come in twos: a long and short blade. Here’s where Kotobukiya is being a little bit cheeky: unlike the image, the blades come in dark-grey, unpainted plastic. Also, the blades won’t go all the way into the sheath. Instead there’s a separate part that includes the hilt and a truncated part of the blade which is meant to be inserted inside the sheath.

And this is probably my last rant for 2013. To all readers and subscribers, have a great Xmas & New Year!


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  1. If I see that kit on my doorstep, I would already consider him as Santa haha! Damn, I’m seeing this kit across multiple blogs! Now I want one too.. XD

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