HGUC Jegan ECOAS – Work In Progress

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This is my first Work In Progress (WIP) post. Usually I include them in the methods section of each post, but the modifications I’m doing are rather extensive this time.

Back to the Jegan. Basically what I’m doing is kit-bashing: combining exisiting parts from one kit to another. It sounds simple, but actually not that straight-forward. I will describe each mod according to the body part.

Head: The only part that had the least modification. I replaced the antenna with a thinner one from Wave, just like my Jesta Cannon.


Chest: The kit comes with an additional chest armor that’s detachable. Underneath it, I glued a pair of square plates on the chest and filled the gaps with putty. On the sides, I glued a sheet of 0.5mm pla-plate. I also replaced the roundish bulges on the top chest with some squarish ones from Wave.


Waist: The waist was essentially non-existent, so instead of extending it with a sheet of pla-plate, I attached the waist from HGUC GM Sniper II. To connect the waist to the upper torso and hips, I used a ball joint from Hobby Base. I added some hydraulic joints for extra details and covered gaps with epoxy putty.


Hips: On the right hip, I attached the pistol holster from GM Sniper K9. I cut off the part originally meant to be attached to the thighs. Then I glued a piece of spare runner on its side so it can be attached to the hip. On the left hip, I made an attachment for the grenade launcher of the Kotobukiya assault rifle using pla-plate and spare Jesta parts.

holser gl-attach

For the front skirt armor, I used the ones from the HGUC Loto set. They didn’t come with pegs, so I glued spare ones from my HGUC Jesta Cannon kit to the Loto skirts. Behind them I glued some square plates for added detail. On the back I attached the front skirt from the GM Sniper K9 using epoxy putty.

front-skirt back-skirt

Arms: I decided to discard the entire Jegan arms altogether. In its place, I wanted to use the arms from HGUC GM Striker but I didn’t really fancy the forearms. So I used the ones from HGUC GM Kai (Type C) kit. I further elongated the forearms and biceps by attaching a sheet of 1.2mm pla-plate at the middle and top parts, respectively.


Hands: I decided to try out 1/144 hands from Hobby Base which included a pair of clenched fists and fully articulate hands. In addition, I modified the HGUC hands to face down, just like my Jesta Cannon.


Legs: At first I thought of replacing the entire legs with HGUC Jesta legs. But while snap-fitting, I found out that the Jegan thighs can be attached to Jesta’s lower legs without any modification. On the left leg, I glued an attachment for the combat knife (salvaged from GM Sniper K9). On the right leg, I made a knee guard using HCM-Pro detail parts and leftover parts from Jesta Cannon. The square thrusters on the back of the leg were replaced with round nozzles from the GM Kai kit.

left-leg right-leg

Backpack: I went for a modular backpack design for this project. First of all, I replaced the huge middle booster nozzle with a flatter one from GM K9’s backpack.


Then I made booster tanks using Builders Parts HD MS Tank. To make them swappable to the backpack, I glued the top half of Builders Parts HD MS Verniers to the tanks. The tanks were too long, so I cut them in half and glued a round plate at the bottom.


The first modular unit is high-maneuverability mode, which is basically the default backpack.

Second mode is reconnaissance mode, in which I attached an MS Radome from Bandai Builders Parts (left side) and a sensor unit (right side). I used some leftover resin parts (Sadalsuud kit), various clear lenses, antenna parts (Wave), and pegs (Kotobukiya M.S.G) to attach them to the backpack.

sensor radome

Third mode is barrage mode. On the left side, I planned to attach the missile launcher from Kotobukiya M.S.G but it felt a bit shallow by itself. So I glued two missile launcher units back-to-back to make it thicker. I covered the back with a sheet of corrugated 1mm pla-plate and glued an attachment socket from the Mercury Rev parts (free with Dengeki Hobby March 2014 issue). Remaining gaps were filled with putty.

misslaunch-1 misslaunch-2 mis-launch

On the right side, I used the missile launcher from HGUC Full Armor Unicorn and attached it to the backpack using a part from Build Fighters Mercury Rev.


Weapons: Given the tactical design of the Jegan ECOAS, the main armament is the HK416-type assault rifle from Kotobukiya. It fits the 1/144 scale nicely and the only mod I made was drilling a hole on the iron sights.


For its sidearm, I modified the pistol from GM Sniper K9 to resemble the Socom Mk23. I felt it looked a bit short, so I elongated the barrel using 1.2mm pla-plate. The trigger guard was from a spare GM rifle. I removed the entire lower part of the barrel and replaced it with a laser aiming module made from spare parts, pla-plate & putty.

The suppressor was salvaged from System Weapon 003. To attach it to the pistol, I glued a 9mm copper rod to the suppressor and drilled a 9mm hole in the pistol’s barrel.


For close quarters battle, I made a combat knife from the Mercury Rev parts and leftover plastic.


The only weapon I assembled from the Jegan kit was the bazooka. As an extra, I armed it with the bazooka from the HGUC Full Armor Unicorn.

And that’s it for the structural modifications. After this is priming step, painting, decaling and light weathering. I haven’t decided on the color scheme yet, but most likely I’ll stick with the ECOAS colors.

To view the completed model, see the full post here

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  1. That’s lots of work! XD

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