HG Gouf Ignited

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To be frank, I only bought this kit for the backpack to use in another project. And so I was left with the rest of the body (sans backpack). Rather than leave the extra parts on the runner, I decided to do a quick build to kill time between projects. The first thing to do was to replace the bright orange color scheme and then find a replacement backpack. I settled for a navy blue & light grey color scheme and recycled some Gouf parts for the backpack.

Materials & methods:

The first thing I noticed about this kit is the number of visible seam lines to fix. Basically all the limb parts come in two halves which result in very visible seam lines. So I fixed all of them with plastic cement & lots of sanding. The shield had two spikes that were a bit blunt, so I replaced them with MS Spikes that were more pointy.


For the head, I made the horn thinner & sharper just by scraping it with my hobby blade. The original kit uses a sticker for the monoeye, so I modified it by attaching a round plate for a clear lens. I also made the eye slit less curvy by patching some basic putty.


I used closed fists from MS Hands (Zeon type) because the original kit didn’t come with any proper ones. The elbow joints looked very plain, so I added some details using styrene strips.


I made a hybrid backpack from parts of HGUC Gouf Custom & HG Gouf Flight type kits. It’s basically just a simple squarish backpack with no wings; I added some vents, round thingies from MS Spikes and MS Verniers.

gi-chestI also added some detail parts here and there to make up for the featureless body. And that’s basically all the mods I did to this kit. I primed all parts including the undersides using dark grey surfacer.

Painting was fairly quick. I only used 4 spray cans for this kit: Navy blue for the torso, light gull gray for the limbs, MS Grey for the joints and Gun metal for the thrusters. Masking was also minimal; only the shield and the snout required it.  Panel lining was done using black enamel for the limbs and sand brown for the torso.

At this stage, I still felt the kit was a bit bland and featureless. So I decided to spruce it up with some weathering effects, mainly just scratch marks like my RG White Ogre Zaku project. I added some water slide decals and finished it off with flat topcoat.




I promised myself that this would be a simple Out-Of-Box build, but the Gouf Ignited felt so bland and featureless that I was compelled to do some customizing. The design was mostly smooth, rounded edges with few panel lines. Although the modifications I did were minimal, the addition of weathering effects & some decals gave it some character, at the very least.

The articulation for this kit is typical HG standard. The elbows and knees don’t bend past 90 degrees, although the shoulder joints are a bit more flexible. The weapons included a double-sided beam sword (which I replaced with a Gouf sword), two pink whips and forearm-mounted cannons. I also posed it with some weapons from other kits I had.

And that’s about it really, not much else to say about this kit. I can’t say I poured my heart & soul into this project, but it did give the familiar sense of satisfaction when I completed it.



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  1. how did you create the mono eye for this? id like to replicate it for my own mono eye projects! hoping that you would reply. btw your customs are awesome

    • thanks. if i recall correctly, i trimmed off parts from the original monoeye until only the peg remains. on top of that part i glued a round plate (kotobukiya msg) and clear lens (wave option parts).

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