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I still had an extra GM head leftover from the HGUC Ground War set. I decided to put it to good use by transplanting it to a HGUC Ground Type Gundam body. The result would’ve looked like this, but I wanted to convert it into a proper Ground Type GM.

It turns out that there’s a lot more cosmetic differences between the GM and the Gundam than just the head. And so the challenge was to convert the Ground Type Gundam into a GM that’s true to the original design.

Materials & Methods:

You can find the work-in-progress page here.

After priming all parts with dark grey surfacer, I sprayed orange-yellow on the chest & feet, and tan brown on all the other parts. The joints were sprayed with Dark Grey (2) whereas the weapons were sprayed with gunmetal & german gray.

I didn’t do any battle damage effects, but I did add some light weathering by first applying a wash using black enamel, followed by rust & paint chipping effects using red-brown enamel. I applied some weathering pastel on the feet as well. After that it’s the usual steps: applying decals & flat topcoat.


To have an appreciation of the changes that were made, here is the GM compared to my previous GM Sniper. The GM Sniper essentially uses the unmodified Ground Type Gundam body.


Viewed on its own, the modifications that were made appeared to be inconsequential. But I feel that the proportions were improved significantly (p<0.01), especially when I compared it to my GM Sniper.

I do have mixed feelings about using the RG hands, however. On one hand it offers flexibility & pleasing aesthetics, but on the downside it’s flimsy when holding weapons like the beam sabre and dagger. The pointing finger tends to pop out as well.

You may have noticed the green feet in some photos. That’s because I broke the ball joint at the ankle when I was posing it during photography. I glued back the parts with super glue and while waiting for the glue to dry, I borrowed the feet of my GM Sniper and continued taking photos.

Overall, the end result looks like a proper Ground Type GM; but at the same time it slightly deviates from the original design. It has been a fun build, and especially satisfying when I make a side-by-side comparison with the GM Sniper. Finding inadequacies in the original kit and improving upon them is one of the reasons why I’m still hooked to gunpla.



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  1. Thats beautiful

  2. Amazing!

    One of the best works i ever seen!

  3. How did you get those vents? Did you make them or did you take them of from other model kit?

  4. Did you make the vents or did you get the vent from another hg? I want to know so I can make a platoon of them

    • the chest vents were made using square verniers by Wave and I inserted styrene strips inside. you can find the work in progress link in the methods section.

  5. This RGM was the first of your work that I ever saw and it is one of my favourites, I was wondering with the release of the new HGUC RGM Ground Type would you remake this? Or would you do a reverse and use the new RGM Ground Type to make an RX-79? It would be quite cool to see an RX-79 made from the new RGM as I don’t think anyone has done that yet, at least not that I have been able to find.

    • thanks! i might actually do as you suggested, but maybe not in the immediate future. still got plenty of zeon kits to work on.

  6. using the Bren Gun as the 180mm Cannon is pure genius! question, is the sten gun supposed to be a beam gun or a machinegun?

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