54th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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It was a rather quiet few months in terms of Gunpla news leading up to this year’s hobby show. Then Bandai dropped the bomb with some unexpected announcements. The first one is the PG Unicorn. It’s gonna be fully transformable and can be equipped with a set of LEDs (sold separately). They’re gonna cost an upward of 30,000 yen (PG+LED set), so better start saving up. Unfortunately there’s no prototype on display yet, but maybe we’ll see something at the Gunpla Expo in November.

There’s no new upcoming MG, except for another version of the Astray Blue Frame. The other big announcement is the RG Wing Zero Custom. I already have the MG version, so I’m not really excited about this. There’s a hint that the RG frame would be used on other Endless Waltz units, but I doubt we’ll be seeing them too soon. Gundam Ace will also be including an extra attachment for the Buster Rifle.

From the P-Bandai section, there’s the MG Tallgeese III, Heavy Weapon Set (HWS) for the MG Hi Nu ver Ka, MG Astray Noir and several others. Build Fighters also has another Bearguy, Ez-SR (based on the Ez8), Gyagya (???) and Burning Gundam. This year’s limited item include a Neon yellow Bearguy and a transparent HGBF Strike.

I managed to grab some spare weapons from the Junk City section, where they sell certain parts still attached to the runner. Also had fun trying out some airsoft guns by Tokyo Marui. Anyway, here are the pics:


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