HGUC Marasai: Work in Progress

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I didn’t really have grand plans for this build. During snap-fitting, I identified parts of the kit that I didn’t like and proceeded to modify them. The real aim was to try out the Zimmerit coating effect, often seen on military models. The military-ish design of the Marasai makes it a good guinea pig to test this technique. So lets start with the head:

The monoeye was just a black, solid piece of plastic where you attach a monoeye sticker. That just won’t do, so I fashioned a DIY monoeye unit by first clearing excess plastic around the monoeye. Then I glued a runner vertically to serve as an anchor for the monoeye. The monoeye itself is made up of a leg pipe piece from a RG Zaku, a round plate and a pink clear lens from M.S.G.

marawip_06 marawip_07

I decided to replace the shoulders with spare ones from my Gouf custom kit. I had to replace the rounded peg on the left shoulder with a spare runner. No other modifications were needed for the Gouf shoulders.


The biceps and thighs look a bit skinny, so I beefed them up by attaching some epoxy putty on the sides. I smoothed the edges by applying some basic putty and sanding them.

marawip_01 marawip_02

I used different sets of extra hands: a pair of resin fists by B-club, a weapon-holding left hand from Builders Parts, and a sword-holding right hand from System Weapon 004.


For the Zimmerit coating, I wasn’t sure what kind of putty would work best. As a first attempt, I decided to use basic putty. First I applied the basic putty (without thinner) to the feet and some parts around the lower leg. Then I used a Zimmerit pattern applicator to create the effect.

marawip_03 marawip_04

For the weapons, I decided to arm it with the Feyadeen rifle from the HGUC Marasai Unicorn ver. I bought the parts from Yellow Submarine. It looked a bit plain, so I added some detail parts. For melee combat, I used the big sword from System Weapon 004.

marawip_08 marawip_09

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have a pair of Kampfer bazookas that I got from the ‘Junk City’ section of a hobby show. I swapped the position of the sights so that they both face the eyes when dual-wielding.


The completed kit can now be viewed here.


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