HGUC Zaku Mariner – Work in progress

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Compared to older HGUC Zaku kits, the Zaku Mariner feels and looks more modern. I decided not to modify the proportions and articulation, but just do a simple kitbash by swapping the backpack.

Head: Due to the design, the Zaku Mariner doesn’t have a swiveling monoeye. Instead of using the supplied pink sticker, I drilled a hole and inserted a lens attachment (Builders parts).


Body: I added some plaplate to the chest and crotch for added detail. The front skirt armor is unfortunately a single part. I cut the middle part and reattached it to the body using epoxy putty. The hinge was cut in half to make the two sides move independently.

zakumari_wip_01 zakumari_wip_02

For the backpack, I used the one leftover from my ongoing Zee Zulu project. It looks way nicer than the original Zaku Mariner backpack. Because the pegs and holes are incompatible, I made new connections using leftover sprue attached to the backpack using epoxy putty. I drilled holes to accommodate the chest power cables and added some detail parts.

zakumari_wip_03 zakumari_wip_04

Arms: I added some extra fins on the shoulders. The left forearm was supposed to shoot out a cable, but I replaced it with a harpoon. The retracted part just consists of the original cable end with a pointy tip attached. The actual harpoon is actually a plastic toothpick. I just glued some detail parts to it to make it look less like a toothpick. The kit only comes with a left hand fist, so I used a pair of Zeon type fists (Builders parts).

zakumari_wip_05 zakumari_wip_07 zakumari_wip_06

Legs: Nothing much to modify here, just added some detail parts and plaplate.

zakumari_wip_09 zakumari_wip_08

Weapons: The kit comes with a handheld rocket launcher. There wasn’t much details on it, so I added some using MSG parts.

zakumari_wip_11 zakumari_wip_10



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