Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015

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This year’s hobby show in Shizuoka saw a lot of red, starting with the MG Red Warrior, which I have no interest in. The RG Astray Red Frame? Now we’re talking. Although I was partially disappointed that we’ll have another RG from the Alternate Universe (following RG Wing Zero & RG 00 Riser), I was glad it was the Astray. The inner frame seems to be already molded in red and white, so custom painting this one may not be so easy. Then there’s the Revive Guncannon, which actually looks better than the pics in the internet so far.

Non red kits include the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0. The Mega Bazooka cannon and Balutte system pictured here will be sold separately (P-Bandai). The RE/100 Dijeh also looks good; if it were 1/144 scale I might consider it. From the Gundam Origin series, we’ll have another Black Tristar Zaku II, this time with the giant axe. Then there’s the Mobile Worker and Prototype Goufs. Other than Gunpla, there was some Star Wars stuff and some new Little Armory 1/12 scale weapons.

And now to the modeller’s gallery. This year I noticed that there were quite a few Neo Zeong builds. Despite the gigantic size, it seems quite popular among Japanese modelers. There were plenty of very nice ‘standard’ Gunpla & military model kits on display, but there were also some unique builds like a half body RX-78 made from spare runners, a wooden Gouf Custom, papercraft Unicorn, to name a few.  So anyway enjoy the pics:


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