RG Z’Gok

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You may have noticed that all the gunpla that I’ve built so far have humanoid features, i.e proper head, hands etc. What’s missing are the various ‘uniquely designed’ Zeon amphibious mobile suits. Not that I have anything against them, it’s just that they look too unconventional for my tastes. But when the RG Char’s Z’Gok rolled out, I decided to give it a try. I really liked the color scheme of the Unicorn version Z’Gok, so this will be just a simple painting project.

Materials & methods:

No work-in-progress this time, since no modifications were needed. Everything was built according to the manual so the bulk of the process just involved painting.


From the picture above, you can see there’s three main colors: dark green for the lower limbs, grey-brown for the upper limbs, and olive green for the body. I decided to use different shades of the same color, since it’s one of the defining features of the RG series. Needless to say, all parts were primed before painting.

  • Lower limbs: I used two types of Tamiya spray can: Olive Drab & Olive Green. Although almost indistinguishable, there is some subtle difference in tone. On the lower arms, I sprayed a strip of white after masking the surrounding areas.
  • Upper limbs: I mixed grey paint from this set with a bit of German Grey. I sprayed smoke black on some parts to darken the shade.
  • Body: I made my own mix of a lighter shade of olive green using leftover paints from my Marasai project.

Some parts of the inner frame were sprayed with Tamiya Gunmetal while the claws & propellers were painted with Gaianotes bright silver.  The monoeye was painted with Gaianotes clear pink.

For weathering, I did an enamel wash using brown paint. Then I added scratch and rust marks using silver & red brown enamel. I used a combination of RG Zaku II and HGUC Sinanju water-slide decals before spraying the final flat topcoat layer.


RG Z'Gok Unicorn Colors


I was actually taken aback by how fun building this kit was. But what’s more impressive was the level of detail and articulation they crammed on a kit this size. Every part from the monoeye to bottom of the feet is worth admiring. This one has a pretty detailed inner frame, but it’s mostly on the head/chest. The limbs still have the fishbone-like inner frame like other RG kits.

You also have the option of a 3-claw or 4-claw configuration; I went with the former. Other than that, there’s no other extras included. There is a small Char figure included, though. Overall, this kit feels very solid and fun to build, and I have absolutely no regrets buying it. Fits very well with the rest of my Zeon Remnant kits.



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