HGUC Zaku Sniper: Work in progress

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The Zaku Sniper is one of my favourite Zaku variants, but the old HGUC kit feels like it can be further improved. For one, the proportions seem a bit off, especially the oversized head. So after getting the appropriate spare parts for a kitbash, I was ready to start this project:

Head: The original Zaku Sniper head looks slightly oversized so I replaced it with the HGUC Zaku II Black Tristars head. I removed the power cable & filled the gaps with epoxy putty. On the left side of the head I drilled a hole to attach the antenna and at the back, I cut off the small fin from the original head and reattached it to the modified head. I made a small cut on the forehead, following the original design. For the monoeye, I simply glued the original piece to the modified head.

zakusnp-wip_01 zakusnp-wip_02

Torso: I used the original upper chest with no modifications. I used the hips from Char’s Zaku II Origin version. To connect it to the upper chest, I used a double ball joint. I added some 2mm plaplate at the bottom of the waist part to make it longer. I also cut and pasted the part that looks like a belt buckle from the original to the modified part.

zakusnp-wip_03 zakusnp-wip_04

Arms: The original parts were used, but I further elongated the biceps with 1.2mm plaplate. The forearms were composed of two parts; I glued the lower part slightly away from the top part. This makes the forearm a bit longer, but also leaves a gap between the two parts. I then filled the gap with epoxy putty.

zakusnp-wip_05a zakusnp-wip_06

Legs: I totally replaced the original legs with the Char’s Zaku II Origin version. Some holes for the power cables were filled with plaplate and I attached the right knee from the original kit. I also decided to cover up some extra panel lines on the legs to make them look more uniform with the rest of the body.

zakusnp-wip_08 zakusnp-wip_09 zakusnp-wip_10

Weapons: I replaced the sniper rifle buttstock with the one from the Zaku II F2 machine gun. I also removed the extra plastic part at the bottom of the grip. No changes were made to the backpack.


I added an axe from the MSG knife set and to attach it to the side skirt, I made a holder using plaplate & spare runner.

zakusnp-wip_12 zakusnp-wip_13


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