HGUC Dom Tropen: Work in progress

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The HGUC Dom Tropen (desert colors) is quite an old kit, so I knew I’d be making quite a bit of modifications. My main aim is to improve the articulation and body proportions, as well as to incorporate some design aspects of the Dom Barrage, mainly the gatling weapon. As always, I’ll break it down part by part:

Head: The original Dom Tropen head has a flat slab of plastic where you stick a monoeye sticker. I cut off that slab of plastic, resulting in a typical Dom-shaped hole in its face. Inside the head, I fashioned a swiveling monoeye from spare Dom parts and MSG lens.

domtrop-wip_09 domtrop-wip_10 domtrop-wip_16

Torso: In the original kit, the arm connects to the body via a static stub of plastic. I wanted to improve the shoulder articulation so I cut out holes on the sides of the torso and transplanted the polycap shoulder joints from HG Char’s Zaku origin kit. Gaps then were filled with epoxy putty.


To connect the upper torso to the hips, I used a series of ball joints and sockets from Hobby Base. To accommodate the ball joints, I cut a hole at the bottom of the waist part and added 2mm plaplate underneath it. I trimmed some plastic inside the waist part and attached corrugated plaplate at the sides.

domtrop-wip_05 domtrop-wip_20a domtrop-wip_19

The result of these modifications is that the torso can now bend forwards (and backwards). The empty gap between the upper torso and waist when doing so will now be hidden by the corrugated plaplate.


On the back skirt, I filled the gaps meant for attaching the grenades with epoxy putty. The part that holds the submachine gun was replaced with a heat vent from Builders Parts vernier 03. To attach the legs to the hips, I cut off the original ball joint and glued a piece of spare runner in its place.


Arms: To attach the shoulders to the body, I needed a ball joint. So I simply cut and pasted the part from the HG Dom R35. I also used the arms from the Dom. I made the forearms a bit longer by gluing 2 sheets of 1.2mm plaplate. The Dom R35 had 3 hook-like appendages at the back of the forearms. I kept the top two and removed the bottom one, filling the gap with epoxy putty.

domtrop-wip_21a domtrop-wip_22

Legs: The original Dom Tropen thighs did not seem to provide a good range of movement. So I replaced the hip joints with the round shoulder joints from my 1/100 Tallgeese. I glued a piece of runner at the bottom to link it to the thighs.


The thighs and knees were from the HGUC Dom kit. Since there’s no elegant way to attach them to the Dom Tropen legs, I just made rough cuts on the knees & lower legs, attached them with super glue, and covered the gaps with putty. Lots of it.

domtrop-wip_23 domtrop-wip_24

I wasn’t happy with the feet articulation, so I decided to replace the original polycap socket with a swiveling socket from Hobby Base. As a result, I had to enlarge the opening on the foot that covers the socket. I also elongated the ‘toe’ using 1.2mm and 2mm plaplate.

domtrop-wip_07domtrop-wip_06a domtrop-wip_25

Weapons: My aim was to arm it with a handheld gatling gun. I played around with some parts from MSG weapons, HGBC Giant Gatling and System Weapon 005 before deciding the final design: the barrels were from System Weapon 005, the grips were from HGBC Giant Gatling while the main body and ammo belt were from MSG Hand Gatling gun. I added some additional plaplate and detail parts to the main body.

domtrop-wip_13 domtrop-wip_14

The gatling gun belt feed tank (MSG Belt Link) is attached to the back using parts of the original kit and spare runner. I attached some backpack parts that were left over from my HGUC Ground Type Gundam kit.

domtrop-wip_12 domtrop-wip_15

So this is what it looks like after assembly (minus weapons). I will most likely retain the desert colors for painting.

domtrop-wip_26 domtrop-wip_27



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  1. Nicely done.. Can’t wait for the finished kit

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