Little Armory M240B

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#For a brief intro about the Little Armory series, refer to this earlier post for the M4A1 assault rifle#

M240B machine gun

box_m240bThe Little Armory M240B machine gun has a higher parts count compared to the M4A1. Thankfully, the parts are relatively bigger so assembly was not so much of a problem. I glued all the parts to make the whole thing more solid. All parts came as glossy black plastic, so I painted some parts with gunmetal and german gray. The only optional parts are a pair of bipods (folded and unfolded) and a laser module.


And as you can see from the comparison photo below, the M240B is quite large. From the top is Strike Gundam’s beam rifle, Zaku machine gun, M4A1 and the M240B.


Here are some closeup shots to show how detailed this thing is.

Now to see how it looks like in the hands of my Revoltech Skeleton Warrrior. You may recall that I was lamenting the fact that Mr. Skeleton’s hands could not hold the M4A1 rifle properly. So this time I decided to spend some monies on the Little Armory Tactical Glove.

They’re just several pairs of 1/12 scale hands meant to fit Figma figures. I bought the black colored ones (officially called ‘Stealth Black’) but there are green and tan versions too. It comes with 5 different wrist pegs that bend from 0 to 60 degrees to give a variety of poses. Although meant for Figma figures, the hands fit the Revoltech Skeleton Warrior’s wrists perfectly.

la002_15These new hands now allow for a wider variety of poses that I can make with Mr. Skeleton. I think they’re really worth the money. The only downside is that you have to swap wrist pegs for different poses.

When put in the hands of my HGUC GM Ground Type, the M240B machine gun looks like a natural fit. It looks much better on GM than the previous M4A1 assault rifle.

la002_19 la002_18 la002_17

That said, it doesn’t look too nice on the RG Strike.


So in summary, the M240B machine gun is relatively easier to build because of its larger size. The parts are well separated so masking is not needed during painting. The downside it that it doesn’t come with many optional parts; for example an ammo belt would have been nice.

The M240B suits HGUC kits very nicely, but I personally feel it looks better on grunt units (GMs or Zakus) than your typical hero mobile suits. If you intend to buy it for your Figma or Revoltech figures, I’d recommend you also pick up the Little Armory tactical gloves.


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