HGUC GM III: Work in progress

February 10, 2016 at 13:34 | Posted in Work In Progress | 2 Comments
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I thought I’d start off 2016 with a relatively simple build. No kitbashing, just a simple out of box build. I wanted to take a break from Zeon mobile suits, so I chose the HGUC GM III. As I was snap-fitting, I thought, “Hmmm…this part could do with some small changes”, and so it snowballed from there.

Head: I simply replaced the twin antennas with thinner and spikier ones from Wave option parts.


Torso: On the chest, I glued a pair of round plates and scribed some new panel lines


Waist & hip: I elongated the hip part initially using 1.2mm plaplate, and then added a further 1mm underneath. In doing so, I also had to elongate the connecting peg, which I did using 2 sheets of 1.2mm plaplate (2.4mm total). On the front skirt I glued a strip of plaplate and scribed some holes on the crotch armor. On the back skirt, I did the same (scribed some holes) and glued some round plates.



Arms & legs: I just simply scribed some new panel lines on the forearms and glued some plaplate sheets near the wrist. I elongated the thighs using 1.2mm plaplate attached to the top end. Also added some new panel lines on the thighs.



Weapons: I decided to use some leftovers from my previous projects. The beam rifle is from the Jesta Cannon kit, unmodified.  I also decided to arm it with the the beam javelin that came from an issue of Gundam Ace magazine. The shield is from Jegan ECOAS and I attached some pieces of 0.5mm plaplate on it to mimic reactive armor seen on tanks.



As you can see, I got a bit carried away with my modifications. This certainly is not an Out of Box build anymore, but I still won’t call it a kitbash.

For painting, I tried out different color variations using a lineart image and photoshop. The color scheme I decided on is a slight variation of the Desert Colors version, with some digital camo patterns. Something like this:

gmiii copy



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  1. Hehehe just a straight build… looking good man. Really liked the shield bit.

  2. beautiful work!

    he already looks amazing, imagine when you finish the work…

    you guys are so fast and easily think outside the box to make customs, it’s amazing!

    keep it up

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